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Located along 120 km of the North bank of Tien River, from Dong Thap Muoi to East Sea, TIEN GIANG – is named after Tien River and is one of the rich lands of Vietnam.

Tien Giang Province, which is in the Southwestern region of Vietnam, is 70 km from Ho Chi Minh City to the southwest. Its administrative units are My Tho City, Go Cong Town, Cai Lay Town and 8 districts, namely Cho Gao, Go Cong Tay, Go Cong Dong, Tan Phuoc, Chau Thanh, Cai Lay, Cai Be and Tan Phu Dong. Its total natural area is 2,367 km2. The province's coastline is 32 km long. Its population is about 1,700,000 people. The climate here is clearly divided into two main seasons, namely wet season and dry season and  the average temperature is about 27oC, all of which help to create a diverse eco-system.

From the 17th century, a lot of Vietnamese people migrated from Ngu Quang to Tien Giang Province to reclaim this deserted area, which was full of dangerous animals, turned it into vast rice fields and luxuriant orchards and built wealthy villages there.

There are a variety of eco-systems such as those at sea, canals, mounds and Dong Thap Muoi depression, each of them has typical animals and plants, which creates a variety for not only landscape but also culture for this place.

Tien Giang Province, which is called "the Kingdom of fruits", is the hometown of many famous people such as Bach Cong Tu (literally mean a son of very rich family whose skin is fair) and several queens. The Province is known as the place of good land and fresh fruits. Poet Hoc Lac (1842 – 1915) voiced his praises for the province as follows:

"Firstly it is Saigon then My Tho

Where there are very beautiful landscapes"

Information about Tien Giang's specialties:


In Vietnam, Tien Giang Province is a place where there is the largest fruit cultivation area (8% of the total fruit cultivation area of the whole country) producing the largest fruit yield. Almost all of the fruit trees are planted in areas whose soil, climate and hydrological conditions are suitable for them. As a result, they produce a high yield of high quality fruit. Tien Giang, "The Kingdom of fruits", has both a long-standing tradition of fruit cultivation and advantageous conditions on natural resources and water. Fruit plantation here has gradually been toward goods production. The plantation area of main fruits has increased; and the application of scientific and technical advances to production, processing and preservation is higher and higher. With the total area of orchards of 70,000 ha, annual production achieves over 1 million tons of fruit. The following is its famous ones: Hoa Loc Mango, Lo Ren Vinh Kim Star-apple, Tan Phuoc Pineapple, Cho Gao Dragon fruit, Ngu Hiep Durian, Go Cong Acerola and Co Co Pomelo. Especially, there are large plantation areas of Cho Gao Dragon fruit and Tan Phuoc Pineapple producing a high yield of fruit to provide a large amount of this product for domestic markets, processing and export. Apart from these famous fruits mentioned above, there are also other good ones such as King Orange, longan, rambutan and cacao. In addition, GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) has been applied to producing dragon fruit, pineapple, Hoa Loc Mango, Lo Ren Vinh Kim Star-apple, etc.

Some specific information:

1. Cho Gao Dragon fruit: it is grown in the communes of Quon Long, Dang Hung Phuoc, Tan Thuan Binh, My Tinh An and Trung Hoa in Cho Gao district

- Area: approximately 3,000 ha

- Productivity: 25 – 30 tons/ha/year

- Yield: approximately 100,000 tons

- Crop: year round

2. Tan Phuoc Pineapple: it is grown in the communes of Tan Lap 1, Tan Lap 2, Phuoc Lap, Thanh My, Thanh Tan and Hung Thanh in Tan Phuoc district

- Area: above 15,000 ha

- Productivity: 18 tons/ha/year

- Yield: above 270,000 tons

- Crop: year around

3. Hoa Loc Mango: it is grown in Hoa Hung commune, Cai Be district

- Area: approximately 1,600 ha

- Productivity: 6.3 tons/ha/year

- Yield: approximately 10,100 tons

- Crop: from 12th lunar month to 5th lunar month of the following year

4. Ngu Hiep Durian: it is grown in the communes of Ngu Hiep, Tam Binh, Long Trung and Long Tien in Cai Lay district.

- Area: above 6,400 ha

- Productivity: 15 – 18 tons/ha/year

- Yield: above 100,000 tons

- Crop: from 3rd lunar month to 6th lunar month each year

5. Go Cong Acerola:  it is grown in Binh Nghi commune, Long Thuan commune, Binh An commune, Tan Dong commune and Kieng Phuoc commune

- Area: 270 ha

- Productivity: 40 tons/ha/year

- Yield: above 10,000 tons

- Crop: year around

6. Co Co Pomelo: it is grown in the communes of My Luong, My Loi A and My Loi B in Cai Be district.

- Area: approximately 1,000 ha

- Productivity: 20 tons/ha/year

- Yield: 20,000 tons

- Crop: year around

7. Lo Ren Vinh Kim Star-apple: it is grown in the communes of Vinh Kim, Phu Phong, Ban Long and Kim Son in Chau Thanh district.

- Area: 3,900 ha

- Productivity: 15 – 16 tons/ha/year

- Yield: 63,000 tons

- Crop: from December to May of the following year


- Handicrafts:  Famous products are Go Cong altar, handicrafts made from water hyacinth, coconut-palm, hat-making straw and sedge.

- Agricultural products and food: Mam tom cha Go Cong (Go Cong shrimp paste), Gao tu quy (Tu Quy rice), Nep be Cho Gao (Cho Gao sticky rice), Banh trang Thuan Phong (Thuan Phong rice paper), Banh hu tieu My Tho (My Tho rice noodle), natural bird nest, products made from cacao, pomelo, tinned fruits and processed aquatic products, etc.

- Cuisine: Hu tieu My Tho (My Tho rice noodle soup), Hu tieu bo vien (rice noodle soup with beef balls), Hu tieu sa te (spicy rice noodle soup), Banh gia Cho Giong (Cho Giong beansprouts cake), Banh canh Bot Xat (rice spaghetti soup), Cha nuong Cho Gao (Cho Gao grilled meat), etc.

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