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Cho Gao district builds safe fruit-growing areas
29/01/2023 - Lượt xem: 27

Cho Gao district currently has over 9,000 hectares of fruit orchards, of which nearly 7,500 hectares are being harvested, with an annual output of over 243,000 tons of fruit, meeting the needs of consumption and export. Dragon fruit, green-skinned pomelo are the main local fruit trees, the source of agricultural products with high export value, bringing important economic benefits to local farmers.

Cho Gao dragon fruit is a local famous brand, so the locality has the largest dragon fruit growing area in the province, with an area of over 7,000 hectares, of which, 5,640 hectares are being harvested, the annual output is about 190,000 tons.

In addition, recently, implementing the goal of production conversion, Cho Gao district also planted thousands more hectares of green-skinned pomelo, concentrated in 04 communes including Luong Hoa Lac, Thanh Binh, Song Binh and Long Binh Dien. In which, there are 770 hectares under harvest, the output is over 17,700 tons.

In order to sustainably develop the potential of specialty fruit orchards, the locality should shape concentrated specialized production areas to create a source of commodity agricultural products to participate in the market; at the same time, strengthen the transfer of intensive farming techniques, especially the organization of good agricultural production practices (VietGAP, GlobalGAP) on fruit trees in association with the development of new-type cooperatives connecting supply and demand to the market according to value chain model.

Up to now, the whole district has 2,200 hectares of dragon fruit recognized as meeting VietGAP and GlobalGAP criteria. At the same time, the locality is continuing to train and guide nearly 1,300 farmers in the area specializing in dragon fruit production according to GlobalGAP process on a total area of 664 hectares.

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