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Tien Giang minimizes fishing vessels violating IUU
24/08/2022 - Lượt xem: 15

Tien Giang province has many advantages in developing the fishing industry, contributing to creating jobs and income, supplying consumer and processing goods for export. According to the Provincial Fisheries Sub-Department (Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Tien Giang province), the province currently has a fleet of 1,442 fishing boats, mainly exploiting offshore, with a total capacity of 422,178 kW, with 10,100 crew members. Out of the total number of fishing vessels mentioned above, 60% of ships have large capacity capable of reaching out to exploit fishing grounds as far away as Con Dao, Truong Sa, DK1, etc. Particularly, the fleet of trawlers, bottom-building, hand-fishing, etc. mainly in the fishing grounds of Ba Dong, Vung Tau and Nam Con Son. The fishing output in the first 7 months of 2022 reached 177,255 tons, and its price was stable, so most fishing fleets were profitable.

Transferring seafood from ship to shore for sorting.

In order to prevent, reduce and end the situation of fishing vessels and fishermen in the province illegally fishing, unreported and unregulated (IUU), Tien Giang province has been focusing on implementing drastic measures have been taken, in which focusing on propaganda to raise the awareness of fishermen's compliance. The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development has actively coordinated with the Border Guard of Tien Giang province and other functional sectors to propagate and mobilize vehicle owners and fishermen to strictly observe the provisions of law on exploiting Vietnamese, international and foreign seafood in key fishing areas. Thereby, contributing to reducing and ending the situation of fishing vessels and fishermen in Tien Giang province violating IUU. According to statistics from the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, from the beginning of 2022 until now, Tien Giang province has had no means of fishing in violation of IUU. This is a good sign for the fishery industry of Tien Giang province, demonstrating the local efforts in overcoming IUU violations to develop sustainable fisheries.

In localities of the province which have strengths in fishing, in order to minimize IUU violations, Border Guard stations of Tien Giang Province's Border Guards coordinate with functional agencies to organize propaganda, training for relevant organizations and individuals on the provisions of the law on fisheries in Vietnam, world and in other countries in key fisheries. Propaganda content associated with Directive No. 12/CT-UBND of the People's Committee of Tien Giang province on continuing to promote the implementation of a number of solutions to prevent, reduce and stop fishing vessels and fishermen in the province violating IUU.

Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Huu Nham, Head of Kieng Phuoc Border Guard Station (Tien Giang Province Border Guard) exchanged: Before going to the sea, the Border Guard force gave the vehicle owner a commitment and closely inspected the machine, supervises the journey, organizes propaganda for fishermen, especially captains not to fish to violate the sovereignty of neighboring countries. In addition, the unit also organizes propaganda on the mass media and broadcasts leaflets sent to vehicle owners and captains with propaganda content on the observance of regulations on prevention and combat of IUU fishing in association with the implementation of the Fisheries Law.

In addition, local authorities also strengthen propaganda on preventing and combating IUU violations for fishermen when engaged in fishing at sea. Thanks to propaganda and advocacy work, over the years, the awareness of people in the area, especially vessel owners and captains has been gradually increased significantly, so the number of offshore fishing vehicles are suspicious IUU offenses have been reduced.

In addition, border checkpoints and stations coordinate with Vam Lang Fishing Port to promote information, propaganda, and tighten inspection and supervision of fishing vessels and fish output unloading at the port as well as implementing certification and certification of caught fisheries accurately and in accordance with regulations. The monitoring, control and supervision of fishing vessels has significantly improved, especially promoting the fishing vessel monitoring system for timely monitoring and warning of cases of fishing vessels crossing the Vietnam sea boundary.

According to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, as of July 31, Tien Giang province had 960/960 fishing vessels installed with cruise monitoring equipment put into operation, reaching 100%. There are 107 ships that have not yet installed cruise monitoring equipment, of which 13 ships have been sunk or burned but have not been deregistered, 04 ships have not been renamed, and 90 ships have not been operated yet. The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development has a plan to check and verify the status of fishing vessels that have not yet installed cruise monitoring devices, ships sold outside the province that have not yet been renamed, ships that have lost signal for a long time on the system has not determined the cause in 2022.

Mr. Nguyen Trong Tuy, Director of the Fisheries Sub-Department (Department of Agriculture and Rural Development) said that in order to prevent, combat and reduce fishing vessels violating IUU, the unit has implemented many contents, including propaganda, calling on ships on the list of fishing vessels to avoid violating foreign waters for fishing. For ships that are close to the boundary, the supervision team of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development shall call and assign the locality to invite the shipowner to commit not to repeat the offense. In case of turning off cruise monitoring, the Department will remind, commit not to repeat the offense in the next time.

In the coming time, the Tien Giang province's authorities will continue to closely monitor the journey of fishing vessels in the high seas, especially near the sea boundary, in order to promptly detect, warn, and effectively prevent fishing vessels violating IUU, towards a more sustainable and professional fishery development.

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