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Promoting the role of industrial clusters
03/04/2022 - Lượt xem: 11

Tien Giang province currently has 05 industrial clusters in operation, including Trung An industrial cluster (My Tho city), Tan My Chanh (My Tho city), Song Thuan industrial cluster (Chau Thanh district), An Thanh industrial cluster (Cai Be district) and Gia Thuan I industrial cluster (Go Cong Dong district).

Workers at An Thanh industrial cluster (at Cai Be district).

These above industrial clusters have called for 79 secondary investment projects, including 06 FDI projects with a total registered investment capital of over VND2,306 billion and over $150 million. The land lease area is over 88 hectares, accounting for nearly 74% of the industrial land for lease, practically creating jobs for nearly 14,000 workers.

In order to contribute to attracting investment and promoting the role of industrial clusters in socio-economic development, the province is interested in simplifying procedures, actively inviting investment in industrial clusters, and handling administrative procedures according to the one-stop-shop mechanism, focusing on one focal point, so the time to settle the necessary procedures at the request of the investor is quick, convenient and easy, contributing to saving time and providing better service for organizations and individuals when there is a need to carry out necessary administrative procedures related to industrial cluster.

At the same time, on the basis of close coordination between relevant levels and sectors, the province focuses on supporting businesses to invest in industrial cluster in many aspects such as consolidating infrastructure and necessary utilities to serve businesses, reforming administrative procedures, managing investment well, managing environment, regularly organizing propaganda and updating legal documents on environmental protection for enterprises, inspecting the treatment of waste and emissions at the enterprise in accordance with the provisions of law, etc.

In addition, labor management at enterprises in industrial clusters is also paid great attention, ensuring the harmony of interests between employees and business owners, limiting labor contract disputes, especially the implementation of labor contracts, regimes and policies for employees such as adjusting the regional minimum wage scale, building a system of salary scales and salary tables according to regulations as well as reminding and guiding businesses to strictly comply with regulations of the law on labor, social insurance, trade union, etc. Up to now, Tien Giang province's functional sector has received 31 collective labor agreements, registered 28 labor rules and received 55 salary scale systems, payroll, labor norms at enterprises operating in industrial clusters in the area. In general, the management of labor in provincial industrial clusters is implemented in accordance with the provisions of law. Through periodic inspection, most enterprises have well complied with labor laws.

Promoting the effectiveness and role of industrial zones, Tien Giang province continues to deploy 05 more industrial clusters in key areas such as Western flood control zone, Dong Thap Muoi area, Go Cong coastal area, etc. to attract labor, creating motivation to promote areas to move towards industrialization - modernization when the province returns to the new normal state, adapting safely, flexibly, effectively controlling the Covid-19 pandemic, sustainable socio-economic development in 2022 and subsequent years. Industrial cluster are being considered to approve and deploy by the People's Committee of Tien Giang province are An Thanh II industrial cluster (Cai Be district), My Phuoc Tay industrial cluster (Cai Lay Town), Thanh Tan industrial cluster (Tan Phuoc district), Gia Thuan II industrial cluster (Go Cong Dong district) and Tan Ly Dong industrial cluster (Chau Thanh district). The total investment capital of these 05 industrial clusters is over VND 1,691 billion, with a total land area in the planning of nearly 234 hectares. Currently, investors are implementing steps such as price application, compensation, site clearance, environmental impact assessment procedures, construction of industrial clusters infrastructure according to regulations, etc.

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