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Many models help Tien Giang province protect the environment
14/08/2022 - Lượt xem: 16

Currently, Tien Giang province is strengthening communication work to raise awareness of local people about environmental protection, promoting the role of mass organizations in preventing and combating environmental pollution, building and replicating environmental protection measures, environmental protection model associated with new rural construction and the movement of all people to build cultural life at the grassroots, etc., thereby contributing to improving the effectiveness of environmental protection, pollution prevention and control, public health protection.

Specifically, the provincial People's Committee has directed all levels, branches and localities in the province to do well the state management of environmental protection, develop programs and plans to implement the tasks prescribed in accordance with the Law on Environmental Protection, quickly deploying programs and activities in response to campaigns and movements for environmental protection launched by the locality.

Simultaneously, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment coordinated with the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of the province and socio-political organizations to promote communication, propaganda programs to raise people's awareness in environmental protection, livestock development associated with the installation of biogas bags and cellars to prevent and combat environmental pollution; organized training courses, guiding, disseminating and educating the law on environmental protection, especially peak activities in response to World Environment Day, International Day of Biodiversity, Campaign for a cleaner world, Earth Hour Campaign, World Wetland Day, etc. Besides, from the beginning of the year, based on the programs and plans of the People's Committees of province, all city, districts and towns have issued local environmental protection plans according to the scope of assigned functions, tasks and powers. At the same time, localities have also set up inspection teams to inspect the observance of the law on environmental protection in their respective localities, focusing on timely settlement of complaints and proposals on environmental protection, receiving letter, applications of complaints on pollution and handling of cases causing environmental pollution, etc.

In addition, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment also promptly organized training sessions on legal documents on environmental protection, especially regulations on sanctioning administrative violations in the field of environment, waste management, climate change, biodiversity, etc. to relevant organizations and individuals and officials of departments, branches, People's Committees of district level for uniform application.

On the basis of close coordination among sectors, socio-political organizations and localities, the province has built many effective environmental protection models such as "Household incinerator" in Cai Lay district, "One garbage pit, one tree" in Tan Phuoc district, "Separating waste at source" in Go Cong Tay district, contracted to collect garbage in wards of Go Cong town as well as organized activities environmental protection in accordance with local characteristics received the active participation of socio-political organizations such as route without garbage, flower route, green - clean - beautiful - safe route, culture route, etc.

For example, the provincial Women's Union with many vivid, attractive and practical models of environmental protection has been responded to by many members, such as model of against plastic waste "Say no to plastic bags when going to the market", Women's Union "5 no, 3 clean to build new countryside", Group "Separation and treatment of household waste by probiotics into nutrients for plants" associated with the movement of planting trees "One tree for each person", etc. Responding to the Earth Hour 2022 campaign with the message "Create a future now or never", the Women's Union at all levels in the province has been actively propagandized and mobilized members and women to participate by turning off unnecessary lights and electrical equipment in the time frame from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm on March 26, 2022.

Thanks to synchronous and effective efforts in protecting the environment, the province has achieved and exceeded many assigned targets in terms of environmental protection, so the situation of environmental pollution and the quality of people’s life have been improved, etc.

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