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Traditional trade villages Traditional trade villages

Worship Cabinet Production Village

Worship Cabinet Production Village has been existed for nearly one hundred years in Ong Non hamlet, Tan Trung commune, Go Cong Dong district. The first person who initiated the trade is Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Hai born in 1890. After a period of time, cabinet production technology has been improved: from the cabinet with 3 vertical piers, the cabinets now can be made with 19.21 piers and have the surfaces encrusted with pearl, mother-of-pearl. Especially, all details of the cabinets are made of wood and connected together by joints, etc.

Worship Cabinet Production Village in Go Cong Dong district has been well-known by many people throughout the country and the world. The products of this trade village were honored to receive the Gold Medal at Giang Vo Exhibition, Hanoi in 1984. Worship cabinets of Ong Non brand are now available in many places, especially, at The Hung Kings' Temple in Phu Tho and President Ho Chi Minh Temple in Nghe An province.

Source: Investment - Trade - Tourism Promotion Center

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