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Tu Kiet Imperial Tomb

Tu Kiet Imperial Tomb is located on 30 Thang 4 street, Cai Lay town and is the place to worship 4 heroes named Long, Thuan, Rong, Duoc who had the credits in the struggle against the foreign invaders at the middle XIX Century.

Right at the gate of the Imperial Tomb, there are 2 parallel sentences to express the stature and heroic mettle of these four heroes with the contents "Memorize the four heroes gave their life for the country. Their indomitable, heroic and justice attitude exists forever". The inside is divided into 2 areas: Major Temple and Grave House. The Major Temple is where to place the altar, double crane censer and the certificate of national historical and cultural relic and tablets in the middle. Behind is the grave house consisting of 4 graves laid with bright ceramic tiles. Annually, on the 25th of lunar December, the local people in Cai Lay town come here to celebrate the death anniversary solemnly to express the gratefulness to the heroes who sacrificed to the nation and uphold the shining example for the next generation.

Source: Investment - Trade - Tourism Promotion Center

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