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Ap Bac Victory Festival

To mark the glorious victory of the army and people of Ap Bac in defeating the strategy of "Helicopter transportation" and "tank transportation" in the "special war" of the United States. Annually, on the January 2nd, the government and the local people of Tien Giang province held solemnly the festival. In the even-numbered years, the festival will be held with many sports, cuisine and art competition, etc. with the participation of many people inside and outside the province.

Source: Investment - Trade - Tourism Promotion Center

Nation's Hero Truong Dinh Death Anniversary    06/05/2016
Nation's Hero Thu Khoa Huan Death Anniversary    06/05/2016
Ky Yen Vinh Binh Festival    06/05/2016
Quan Thanh De Quan Festival    06/05/2016
Nghinh Ong Vam Lang Festival    06/05/2016
South Uprising Festival    06/05/2016
Rach Gam - Xoai Mut Victory Festival    06/05/2016
Ap Bac Victory Festival    06/05/2016

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