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Dong Tam Snake Farm

About 8.5 km away from My Tho, Dong Tam Snake Farm has an area of 11 ha which is the center for raising snakes for venom and planting many medical trees and carrying out snake bite treatment researches for the people in Mekong Delta Region. In addition, this place is also a beautiful garden - the home of birds and valuable animals in the South Region.

Snakes here are raised in the nature in three areas suitable for different kinds of snakes: Python raising area, poisonous snake raising area and area for snakes with water islands. Visiting this place, the tourists may see many kinds of snakes from gentle snake such as rat snakes, water snakes, etc. to poisonous snakes such as cobra, kraits, etc. and witness with the real eyes many rare and valuable animals such as bears, crocodiles, turtles, ostrich, etc. Especially, there is the only one snake museum in Vietnam which was granted with Guinness Vietnam Record where displays more than 50 kinds of snakes including many rare and valuable snakes.


Source: Investment - Trade - Tourism Promotion Center

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