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Cai Be Ancient Village

Cai Be Ancient Village is located in Dong Hoa Hiep commune, Cai Be district. The village consists of 6 hamlets with more than 3,000 households living mainly on the fruit gardens of different types: Hoa Loc Mango, King orange, Da Xanh grapefruit (Green grapefruit), longan, Vinh Kim Star apple, etc. and traditional trades such as ceramic trade village, girder cake village, glutinous rice cake, etc. The first impression to the tourists when visiting this land is the image of the ancient reuses bearing the typical architectural and cultural styles of Southern Garden houses with the age of more than 150 years old. These ancient houses are not located closely as in many other ancient villages but in the fruit gardens to create the dreamlike beauty to the tourists. The most special ancient houses are Sir Tran Tuan Kiet Ancient House (Phu Hoa hamlet) and Sir Phan Van Duc's Ancient House (An Loi hamlet). These two houses are not only unique in architecture but also famous for being the attractive homestay destinations to the international tourists.

Source: Investment - Trade - Tourism Promotion Center

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