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Tien Giang fruits Tien Giang fruits

Dragon fruit

Tien Giang is the province with the second largest dragon fruit area in Vietnam and focused on communes of Quon Long, Dang Hung Phuoc, My Tinh An, Thanh Binh, Trung Hoa, Tan Binh Thanh of Cho Gao district and Tan Lap 1, Tan Lap 2, Thanh Tan of Tan Phuoc district with the area of more than 2,449 ha, annual output of approximate 43,000 tons and produced following VietGAP standard.

Dragon fruits are watery and contain many minerals and nutrition with light sweet taste which are very healthy to the health. Especially, this fruit is of high export value. In our country, there are two main kinds of dragon fruits: white pulp and red skin and red pulp and red skin.

Source: Investment - Trade - Tourism Promotion Center

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