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Tien Giang cuisine Tien Giang cuisine

My Tho Night Cuisine Area

Located on 30 Thang 4 street, Ward 1, My Tho City, the cuisine area is located at the campus of My Tho Tourism Wharf with an area of 3,030 m2, next to airy Tien River. Visiting this place, the tourists can enjoy their favorite dishes such as Hu Tieu, Rice vermicelli, Pho (Noodles served with beef or chicken, etc.), porridge, rolled cakes, etc. There is also typical seafood of this season that the tourists should not forget to enjoy such as oysters, dried seafood, etc. In addition, the tourists may choose some snacks such as Ginseng tea, sweeten porridges and vitamins, etc. The night market serves the tourists from 18:30 until 2:00 AM of next day.

Source: Investment - Trade - Tourism Promotion Center

Grilled snakehead fish    05/05/2016
Tan Phong Snails    05/05/2016
My Tho Night Cuisine Area    05/05/2016
Snakehead fish sour soup    05/05/2016
Fried glutinous rice    05/05/2016
Fried Giant Gourami    05/05/2016
Tan Phu Dong Sand bubbler crabs Sauce    05/05/2016
Cha Shrimp Sauce    05/05/2016
Go Cong Sea Horseshoe Crab    05/05/2016
Giong Market Bean Sprout Cake    05/05/2016

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