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Go Cong Sea Horseshoe Crab

Vam Lang Sea, Tan Thanh, Go Cong Dong district is famous for sea horseshoe crab. Horseshoe crabs can be processed into many delicious dishes; however, the most delicious dish is grilled horseshoe crab egg which is fatty and delicious.

The horseshoe crab has hard shell as a crab and round and flat body with the diameter of a span, eight legs under the abdomen. The head is three-edge spearhead of 20 cm. The horseshoe crab has the weight of 1 kg and male horseshoe crab is only a half of female one. From lunar October to February, horseshoe crabs start mating and the female ones will have the abdomen full of eggs as small as peppers waiting for baby horseshoe crabs. Male one will be attached to the back of the female one (therefore, it is normally said by the Vietnamese people that "sticking together life horseshoe crabs). The male horseshoe crab is normally not used because of less meat, only female horseshoe crab is caught for grilled horseshoe crab egg dish. In addition to grilled dish, the horseshoe crab is also cooked with mint leaves, neptinia or dau rong and cilantro, etc. to have delicious sour soup and it is wonderful to enjoy this dish with rice wine.

Source: Investment - Trade - Tourism Promotion Center

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