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To help Culture, Sport and Tourism Department achieve a new level

Ph.D. Nguyen Van Khang

Former Chairman of Tien Giang People's Committee

During the last decades, our Party and State have highly appreciated the role of culture, and confirmed the necessity of comprehensive implementation and close connection of three areas: Economic development is the central task; Party construction and reorganization are key tasks; cultural establishment, social spiritual foundation is the goal and the momentum of development. They all make an important contribution to the fast, efficient and sustainable growth of the country.

Mr. Nguyen Van Khang. Photo: TP.

Recognizing the meaning as mentioned above, those who work in cultural sector in our province in particular and in our country in general and in Tien Giang in particular have devoted their abilities to the perpetuation and development of a Vietnamese innovative culture deeply imbued with national identity.

We all know that culture is created by man, dominates all human activities, provides mental energy and makes people more and more perfect. Culture arouses and develops human's creative potentials and mobilizes human's tremendously endogenous strength which contributes to the social development.

Culture promotes positive aspects, limits negative sides of objective and subjective factors, inside and outside conditions and ensures harmonious, balanced and sustainable development. Especially, in the market-based economy, culture bases on its standards which are the truth, the good and the beautiful things to guide and promote creativity, productivity, quality and efficiency of the social strata. At the same time, culture uses the power of traditional, moral and national values to limit the downsides of the market-based economy.

Photo: Binh An.

After 40 years of liberation and reunification of the country, the Party and people of Tien Giang Province have continued to promote the tradition of revolution and power of solidarity, and strive to build and develop the province which has achieved many important achievements, notably the positive contributions of Culture, Sport and Tourism sector.

Staffs of Provincial Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism have constantly strived to successfully complete their tasks assigned, which contributed to inheriting and developing the unique national cultural values. Cultural institutional systems of and basic cultural institutions were noticed. Concurrently, renovation, restoration and conservation of historical and cultural monuments are focused.

Up to now, the province has 122 provincial relics and 21 national relics, including 01 special national relic (Rach Gam - Xoai Mut Victory Relic). Tien Giang has taken part in festivals, contests and public performances at regional and national level with high achievements. Cultural, letter and art movements have been really for basic, deep and remote areas. Their contents and forms have been more diversified and richer. Professional artistic performances have been improved in terms of quality.

The veterans saw the exhibition images of the military activities during 70-year foundation and development. Photo: Hung Thinh.

The movement of "All people unite to build cultural life" was being enhanced the quality and associated with implementation of the "Learn and follow Ho Chi Minh's morals example". Construction of cultural family, cultural commune (ward or township) prompted the provincial localities to develop economy, reduce poverty and improve people's living standard. Physical training and sport movements were widely developed. There were several remarkable effects on tourism activities. Besides, the economic sectors involved in the tourism business are increasing, etc.

With the efforts and achievements during its 40-year operation and development, Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism has honored to be awarded Second-class Labor Medal by the President. Moreover, many groups and individuals of this department were awarded many noble titles.

For culture is the foundation of social spirit and the motivation of sustainable development following international economic integration trend, in the future, the department need to strengthen the organization and management of cultural activities, notably the business field of cultural services. It is necessary to strictly handle offences of business and cultural services and prevent some social evils of sensitive business.

Performing arts to welcome 70 years of Vietnam People's Army Foundation. Photo: Ngoc Lanh.

The sector needs to raise all standards of cultural leaderships and managers at all levels who are capable of  undertaking tasks; opening state management course and organize grass-root cultural activities for officials and public servants; consolidating and strengthening staff in charge of culture, sport and tourism so that they can assist the Party and the Government in work; managing and using effectively the State investment in cultural activities and cultural institution construction.

The 40th anniversary of the establishment of the sector is an opportunity for Culture, Sport and Tourism sector to look back on their efforts, their contribution in the process of provincial construction and development. Concurrently, the sector have a deeper awareness of the values and experience lessons summarized in practical activities in order to constantly lift up the cultural, sport and tourism development in a new level.


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