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Tien Giang - Long An: Cooperation in economic and social development in the period of 2019 - 2020 and orientation to 2025

Tien Giang and Long An are two provinces in the Southern Key Economic Region and the Mekong River Delta, bordering on geographical location

Tien Giang and Long An are two provinces in the Southern Key Economic Region and the Mekong River Delta, bordering on geographical location. Tien Giang province has a natural area of ​​2.511 km2, a population of about 1,76 million people, a density of 700 people per square kilometer and 11 district-level administrative units with 173 commune-level administrative units. Long An province has a natural area of ​​4.495 km2, a population of about 1.5 million people, a density of 332 people per square kilometer and 15 district-level administrative units with 192 commune-level administrative units. The two provinces have similarities in some conditions and advantages in economic and social development. Recently, the two localities have implemented a number of cooperation programs on agriculture, industry, transportation... To further promote the potentials and advantages of the two provinces, recently, on August 1st, 2019, the Chairman of the People's Committees of two provinces signed the "Agreement on socio-economic development cooperation between Long An province and Tien Giang province in the period of 2019-2020 and orientation to 2025."

Accordingly, the socio-economic development cooperation between the two provinces is based on the principle of equality and mutual benefit, on the voluntary spirit of organizations and enterprises. Cooperating in setting orientations and key contents has the important impacts on socio-economic development of the two localities in particular and simultaneously, this is in association with the implementation of the scheme on "Connectivity for the Dong Thap Muoi (Plain of Reeds) sub-regional sustainable development" in general.

According to the signed Agreement, there are 08 contents and fields to be cooperated and linked, namely:

(1) Agriculture (focusing on cooperation and coordination in the field of irrigation, animal husbandry and veterinary medicine, fisheries, cultivation and plant protection, etc.);

(2) Industry and commerce (cooperating in trade promotion to call for exploiting investments in the fields and sectors where each locality has advantages, carrying out activities to support enterprises, stabilize the market and other trade promotion activities, etc.);

(3) Transportation (cooperating to develop transport infrastructure in a synchronous manner, meeting the requirements of traveling and goods transporting between two provinces, especially for adjacent areas, etc.);

(4) Urban development (providing and sharing information on construction planning projects at the general planning level or higher in the bordering areas between two localities, simultaneously coordinating in attracting investment for the projects of urban and housing development, urban technical infrastructure in adjacent areas, etc.);

(5) Natural resources and Environment (coordinating in mineral, water resources and environment management, including sharing the planning information, licensing mineral resources and water resources exploitation, coordinating in the work of inspecting, examining and handling administrative violations in adjacent areas as well as coordinating in settling environmental pollution in the bordering areas between two provinces, etc.);

(6) Tourism (cooperation in building tourism products based on locally available natural resources, avoiding duplication, promoting tourism investment promotion and destinations, linking with tourism websites to publish the tourism information, associating with tourism agencies to organize events, survey teams of Famtrip, Presstrip, etc.);

(7) Science and technology (coordinating in researching and transferring the results of themes and projects to be effectively applied in production and life; strengthening the coordination in building and developing trademarks for key products, especially the products manufactured under the linkage between two provinces, building agricultural production models applying new technologies and high technologies, etc.);

(8) Security and order (coordinating to each other to to ensure security and order and traffic safety between the two localities, especially in adjacent areas, etc.).

Attached to 08 cooperation contents are 02 Annexes specifying detailed task, program, project and list of key tasks.

Concurrent, according to this Agreement, departments, agencies and units are tasked should actively implement specific plans and work directly with each other to sign memorandums and organize the implementation. The implementation situation should be reported annually and send to the Department of Planning and Investment to summarize and report to leaders of two province (including the proposal to the leaders of the two localities to consider and decide on the specific programs, plans, mechanisms and solutions for implementing cooperation programs). Based on that foundation, two provinces will take turn to hold an annual meeting to review and evaluate the implementation of the agreed contents on Agreement; discuss and consensus if there is any issues that need to adjust, complement and arise.


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