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Go Cong Dong District: ​​Growing dragon fruit develops significantly

Changing crops and livestock towards climate change adaptation, in the past 3 years, many farmers in Kieng Phuoc commune, Go Cong Dong district have converted from rice to dragon fruit production, bringing positive economic benefits. Currently, this model is being multiplied by many farmers in neighboring communes whose rice and vegetables production area is not efficient.

According to a report of the Agriculture and Rural Development Division of Go Cong Dong district, up to early June this year, the area of ​​dragon fruit production in the district is 88.2 ha, increasing by 30 ha compared to late 2017. Mostly, the fruit is grown in communes of Kieng Phuoc, Binh Nghi, Binh An, Tan Phuoc, Phuoc Trung, Tan Thanh, Tang Hoa, Tan Tay, Gia Thuan, Tan Dien and Tan Dong and Vam Lang town. The fruit area in harvesting period is 45.4 ha and that which hasn't reached that period is 42.8 ha. There is also an area of 37.5 ha which is going to be planted with the fruit.

Currently, the Division in collaboration with other professional divisions of the district and People's Committee of Kieng Phuoc commune is surveying the status of electric lines serving the planned area of dragon fruit production. At the same time, district agricultural sector also plans to train farmers in planting and taking care of the crop, detecting and preventing pest and diseases and how to use pesticide effectively and safely in accordance with safe production standards, meeting the increasing demand of consumers and more and more difficult fruit wholesalers and ensuring sustainable fruit sale.

Thu Hong

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