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Breakthroughs of transport infrastructure

With a length of Tien River runs through Tien Giang Province of 103 km, East coastline of 32 km and located on important transport axes of the country, as a gateway to the South West, so the synchronous development of transport infrastructure is a breakthrough to promote the socio-economic development not only for Tien Giang but also for the whole region.

After efforts to promote investment, up to now, the road system in the province was relatively complete, with nearly 7,000 km and assigned throughout the province reasonably with the North – South vertical axis and East - West horizontal axis. Many important roads in the province were completed and put into use.

Well-implementing plan

Only within 5 recent years, the provincial transport infrastructure has invested more than 10 trillion. In particular, the Department has constructed asphalt road of 88.2 km and 68 provincial bridges with the length of 3,077m at a cost of VND1,500 billion, contributing to promoting the effectiveness of natural geographical advantage, trade, becoming an important breakthrough in the provincial socio-economic development.

To get these results, the Department has the well-organized task of planning and implementation. Specifically, it cooperated with the agencies of the Ministry of Transport to implement projects from central capital such as completing the project of Ho Chi Minh City - Trung Luong Freeway, National Road No.50 Project (with the length of 52,3km in Tien Giang province including by-pass road and Cho Gao bridge), with the total investment of 1,694 billion VND; completed 4 bridges belonging to the project of 88 weak bridges in National Road 1A; implemented the Plan of My Loi bridge with a total investment capital of 1,439 billion VND; implemented the National Road 1A project of by-pass road at Cai Lay Town, with the capital of 1.398 billion; completing Phase 1 of Cho Gao upgrading and expanding project with the standard of level II to resolve waterway traffic jam, with the total investment capital of over 2,263 billion; completing Clearance subproject which belongs to the project of transport infrastructure development in the Mekong Delta (WB5) - Component B consisting of Corridor 2: Upgrading Rach Chanh canal and Nguyen Van Tiep canal at the standard of level III and returning the bridges on this route...

With projects whose investor is Department of Transport of Tien Giang province, the total capital allocated to the Department in the period of 2012 – 2015 from more than VND1,000 billion from various sources such as government bonds, central support for some investment target, ODA, budget,... has been used effectively.

Besides, the Department also focuses on developing the systems of district road, between village roads and urban roads: Increasing investment for projects of district roads, between village roads of 483 km, of which there are 86.6km of newly-opened roads.  In 2015, there has been over 826 km of road to be upgraded to asphalted road and connect national roads, provincial roads with rural routes. It allocates fund for upgrading the routes which were invested over many years and now have been degraded, concurrently, invests and opens new roads according to provincial and local development planning.

For the rural road systems with 3-year investment capital as VND364 billion, the province has made 2,500 road works with a length of 2,100 km (including 360 km of asphalted roads, 1,140 km of concrete roads, 565 km of gravel roads and 35 km of raising roads' foundation)...

For transport development in association with the goal of building new rural areas in the province, up to now, 100% of communes have roads which people can travel by car to the town center. Besides, the roads to the hamlets and villages are also invested by village authorities. Thereby, they help to change the lives of people living in the remote area, islet whose conditions of geography, society and culture are disadvantaged.

Along with road traffic, local waterway, which connected whole Mekong Delta region and South East region through the big rivers such as Tien River, Cho Gao canal, Thap Muoi 2 canal (Nguyen Van Tiep canal ), has generated a strong position for provincial waterway transport in aspect of carrying food, agricultural products, seafood, notably construction materials ... with a huge volume, contributing to flourishing waterway transport. At the same time, it opens up the shipbuilding industry, barge, and the tourist transport service, famous floating markets...

Sync connection

Only 5 years ago, the provincial transport infrastructure has invested more than 10 trillion.

To meet the needs of development in the near future, Mr. Tran Van Bon, Director of Department of Transport said that the Transport Sector would continue to invest in the road system completely with the synchronous payload scale in provincial roads, district roads and waterway system to serve for industrial zones and clusters, tourist areas. The sector would research investment solutions to build new bridges to replace some ferries through the isle area, especially in urban areas and development areas; reconstruct synchronously, supplement the connection of bridges among provincial routes, build roads into the industrial zones and clusters, branch roads connected to the national road system, highway, provincial road; by-pass road...

Second, the department completely upgrades main inland waterway routes to achieve technical standards regulated; focus on renovating and upgrading some important routes; increase the length of the waterway routes managed and exploited. It deeply invests, upgrades and builds new major ports, goods and passenger terminals. Local port clusters are arranged transportation industry facilities to improve the efficiency of production and business of these ports.

The province will dredge and clear the big canals with high traffic value, complete the system of cargo ports and boats for districts, invest and upgrade My Tho port to become the area port with a throughput capacity of over 500,000 tons/year. We invite investment projects of Tien Giang energy synthesis seaport logistics area in Go Cong Dong; My Tho Passenger Port, Port of agricultural products and food on Tien River.

Thirdly, the department cooperates closely with the ministries and central agencies in researching and developing Ho Chi Minh City - My Tho - Can Tho railway planned by the railway sector.

Initially, the Department coordinates with central agencies, monitor, supervise to complete on schedule with high quality for route by-pass road in Cai Lay town, Trung Luong - My Thuan Freeway,  upgrade Cho Gao canal expansion (phase 2). We will focus on developing linkage projects in Southern key economic areas by researching and investing projects of transport – urban infrastructure connections with Long An Province and Ho Chi Minh City; collaborate with Central government to locate to construct Rach Mieu Bridge 2, My Thuan 2 Bridge.

To do this, in addition to enhancing the effectiveness of clearance and resettlement, it is necessary to create favorable conditions to attract investment from all economic sectors for transport infrastructure such as BOT, PPP and explore roadside land at the same time... in order to ensure about 30 - 40% of total investment demand.

"In my opinion, with the great efforts to deploy as the last time, and especially in the coming years, the completion of transport infrastructure projects of Tien Giang province not only meets the needs of the province's socio-economic development but also connects and motivates economic development for the whole region" - Mr. Bon emphasized.

 Phan Nam (Source: Enterprise Forum Newspaper)

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