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There are nearly 60 dragon fruit purchasing establishments in Cho Gao district

In order to grow the dragon fruit sustainably on Cho Gao land and bring long-term benefits to people, the district has set up a dragon fruit development project in the period of 2016 - 2020. Specifically, the district has been expanding the dragon fruit cultivating area from 6,500 to 7,000 ha and also encouraging farmers to apply model of dragon fruit cultivation under the GAP direction.

Dragon fruit is packed to export at Hung Thinh Phat dragon fruit granary,

Quon Long commune.

Mr. Tran Van Hoa - Head of Division of Agriculture and Rural Development of the district said: "Currently, the whole district has nearly 5,000 ha of dragon fruit, of which more than 260 ha of dragon fruit is certified by VietGAP and Global GAP. To guarantee the output of these products, the district has associated to 60 dragon fruit purchasing establishments with an annual consumption of 80,000 tons/year, of which, many establishments have exported dragon fruits to the United States, China and Europe."

Because of both applying the model of dragon fruit production in the clean and sustainable way and ensuring consumption market, the district farmers secure to produce and keep attachment to the dragon fruit.

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