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The price of dragon fruit increased sharply

After the Lunar New Year of Ky Hoi, the price of red flesh dragon fruit in Cho Gao dragon fruit cultivating area increased sharply, farmers were excited because of better income, their life improved.

Preliminary processing and packaging dragon fruits for export at Cat Tuong

Agricultural Product Processing Production Company Limited.

According to Mr. Pham Hoang Minh, a farmer in Song Binh commune, in recent days, traders buy red flesh dragon fruits with the prices from 35,000 - 38,000 VND/kg, its price nearly double compared to the time before Tet holiday. With an average yield of about 30 tons/ha, each hectare of red flesh dragon fruit has a production value of over 1 billion VND, after deducting expenses, farmers earn from 500 - 700 million VND.

According to the general assessment, the price of red flesh dragon fruit increased strongly thanks to favorable consumption and no longer abundant supply after Tet holiday. The farmers who harvested this time are very happy because of the high income from this specialty crop.

Cho Gao district currently has nearly 3,900 ha of red flesh dragon fruit, which is the largest area in Tien Giang province. This is a key crop with high economic value and an important source of agricultural exports of the locality. Implementing the goal of building a high-quality commodity agriculture, adapting to climate change, Cho Gao district has strengthened agricultural extension and intensive technology transfer towards GAP associated with the value chain.

Cho Gao dragon fruit has also been granted a trademark and geographical indication, concurrently it is recognized as one of the fruits with a competitive advantage of Tien Giang province. Currently, with the application of new technological advances in farming, especially using incandescent lamps, handling of fruits spread throughout the year, farmers have reduced the risk of bumper devaluation, improved the economic efficiency.

Minh Trí

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