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My Tho City with the shift of urban civilization

During the past, following the general urbanization trends, many places in the province, especially My Tho City, have made a first success in their efforts to build the first grade urban area under the provincial administration. However, it is facing many challenges, of which, maintaining of urban order and civilization is one of the problems to be paid attention.

*The determination of the City Party Committee

A corner of Lac Hong Park.

An event, which made the city's people excited last year, was the city recognized as the 1st class provincially-controlled municipality by the central government. Since then, "transitional" issues have continued to be posed as required to address faster, more effectively, including the problem of urban order and civilization. Although in the beginning of the previous term (when the city has just reached the second-class municipality), this problem was set up and executed fiercely, up to now, the appearance of My Tho's urban order also existed with limitations and inadequacies of a provincial centre with specific characteristics of socio-economic and cultural municipal area such as encroachment of pavements and road sides and violations of construction order, in general, they are controlled, but happenings have been still taken place remarkably, traffic order and safety in urban areas are sometimes complicated, especially on holidays when traffic is crowded. The billboards and propaganda banderols are not arranged reasonably, sometimes concentrated densely on some routes, causing aversion...

Therefore, on a basis of comprehensive study to solve this problem, the Standing Committee of the City Party Committee has issued the Resolution No.03-NQ/TU, directing all state agencies of the city government to take part in the above so as to lead and guide the reorganization and execution of year 2016 of urban order and civilization. Under this Resolution, the People's Committee of My Tho City also promulgated the Plan No.1774/KH-UBND to implement the Resolution with a specified objective of focusing on building city meeting the standard of urban civilization.

From this objective (concretized into each criterion), the City People's Committee has assigned tasks to each department, committee, branch, agency, unit and People's Committee of communes and wards. These are requested to quickly concretize each task assigned in order to implement in the localities to each agency, school, enterprise or household.

In addition, the city also "mobilizes" the News agencies and bulletins  of the city and agencies of the Fatherland Front Committee, mass organizations to actively participate in advocating (mainly households), aiming to raise the awareness and responsibility of citizens for the common affairs of the community.

*Remarkable change

Thanks to the urgency and active actions of government at various levels involving in organization and implementation of the Resolution of City Party Committee and the plan of the city government, it is likely that until now although it is not "everything has been resolved", urban order in the city had a remarkable development. When walking around the main roads, public areas, parks, residential areas, etc., it is easy to recognize many new features, especially landscapes lighting system.

A corner of Tien river embankment.

In many places like the roads: Dinh Bo Linh, Lo Tap doan, Phan Van Khoe, Nguyen Minh Duong, Ap Bac, Le Loi, areas beneath the Rach Mieu Bridge pier, memorial houses, parks..., trees had been decorated, shaped, replaced, newly-planted and decorated with fresh flowers. Many places had been provided with some art lighting works, especially in main roads, roundabouts, small islands, bridges of entrances to the city such as Hung Vuong, Ly Thuong Kiet, Ap Bac - Nam Ky Khoi Nghia - Nguyen Trai roundabouts..., which are quite "eye-catching" and vibrant in the evenings.

The complete settlement of the beverage stands in Tet Mau Than park, Lac Hong Park, rearrangement of business order at the My Tho Martyrs Memorial House has contributed to creating the urban beauty at the area where people may enjoy, relax and do exercise. The urban corridor clearance has changed dramatically, namely clearing the second hand clothes selling area on the sidewalk of Truong Dinh street, illegal market in Nguyen Hue street, Cay Sung market located on National Highway 50 to Tan My Chanh commune, coffee shops, bakeries, wasted materials barns encroaching road corridors...

In general, thanks to the propaganda together with the outstanding participation of the relevant authorities, the consciousness of urban order and beauty of people has been raised, the appearance of the city has changed markedly, many main roads of the city have been basically cleared, connected with lighting system and greenery, environmental sanitation according to "urban civilization route" criteria... Besides, inspecting, monitoring, dealing with and maintaining these achievements are not easy - because many people (especially petty traders) still are keeping their habit to avail themselves of every opportunity whenever  the inattention by state (due to the impacting hesitation by many cadres and civil servants, or waiting for direction from  higher authorities), their re-encroachment of pavements, roadways will be immediately taken place again.  Happenings are easy to see such as illegal signboards and billboards, street vendors, "mobile retail traders" (selling flowers, vegetables) on some roadside. Infrastructures and utilities in many places are very poor, traffic jams in rush hours, flooded during heavy rain, air pollution, etc. are existing challenges that cannot be resolved at once.

*Necessity of efforts to be kept

Building of My Tho city meeting the municipal civilization standard is not an easy task, the decisive  factors for success is the community awareness - from the perception of the cadres and civil servants as executing the urban order management to the citizens of the city, in such a way that everyone also consider this as their own tasks needing to have their hands in. The task of managing of urban order and building a civilized city in the near future, I should think many things to do, therefore, it is necessary to further tighten in execution of rules, discipline, orders and improve the quality of urban management, strictly implement regulations on ensuring urban order; strengthen the management of planning, architecture, management of construction order, of which, review and rearrange the system of signboards, billboards, feasible solutions in the management of pavement and roadway should be provided.

This is to be executed, the role of grassroots government is extremely important, therefore, it is necessary to raise the sense of responsibility of local leaders, to grasp thoroughly and closely the happenings of urban order in the locality, to timely detect violations to handle immediately, not to let them last long and hard to recover in a short time. In particular, People's Committees of wards and communes are encouraged to register the list of "Urban Civilization Road "or" Walking roads" associated with developing services,... considered as "plus points" in the review of the year-end emulation.

Road 30/4, Ward 1, My Tho City is colorful and bustling at night.

At present, the city has provided with its regulation on management of urban planning and urban architecture up to the year 2030 and established an municipal order team (in terms of the way, it is necessary that the team should be a key factor to coordinate the relevant forces with fast-reaction mode associated with the hotline, learn how to take dramatic measures as Ho Chi Minh City...). Initially, the city needs to actively prepare the plan as well as steps to implement at the same time for serial mobilization to ensure the order of urban civilization in 2017 and subsequent years. Concurrently, the city needs to review and investigate the exceeding authority issues to be set out to related provincial departments and agencies, such as issuing an advertising license, decorating the city in general event of the province; collecting and transporting garbage..., if necessary, e the provincial departments will be invited to jointly recommend to  the provincial People's Committee  for direction. For example, coordinating with departments, functional units to review, remove unlawful billboards causing loss of the beauty of the urban area on the roads, parks, flower gardens and public places; studying and promulgating models of civilization billboards  suitable with cultural traditions so that units can apply; remove lean-to, signboards, billboards, small ads causing beauty loss, ensuring the clear pavement

At the same time, the province promotes the propaganda of the beauty of civilized behavior in the communities, in order to create changes in the communication and conduct, cultural  traffic, public  Organizational culture, conduct in public places, especially do not dump in the street, households are requested to put properly garbage on time so that sanitation workers may reduce their heavy workload, while ensuring clean streets and residential areas. It is believed that, upon the recent performances and the determination of the leaders of My Tho city - especially the efforts of people, in the coming time, My Tho city will be increasingly civilized, like many leaders of major cities in the country when mentioning to our city said: "A place worth living"...

News: Quoc Anh - Photo: Minh Quan

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