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Man Dinh Hong flower garden attracts many visitors on holidays

It is not necessary to go far, this year several young people in Tien Giang province as well as neighboring provinces and Ho Chi Minh city choose Man Dinh Hong flower garden, at Phuoc Thuan hamlet, Phuoc Thanh commune, My Tho city to enjoy and take photos because of its beautiful landscape as well as natural scenery.

Numerous people visit and take photos in Man Dinh Hong flower garden.

Man Dinh Hong flower garden has an area of 1.1 ha, including many different types of flowers such as sunflower, cleome spinosa, pansy, globe amaranth, zinnia, trellis of loopah, bitter melon and bottle-shaped gourd etc. Each flower type has many colors; between two flowerbeds are designed their own way or decorate stone benches and swings so that visitors can easily take photos and save the most beautiful moments.

It is noted that on the holidays, especially on April 30th and May 1st, every day a lot of young people and families came here to visit, entertain and take photos since this place is very close to the nature and characteristic landscape of the waterway with canyon and monkey bridge. At present, Man Dinh Hong flower garden receives visitors from 6a.m. to 18p.m. every day.

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