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Invest in many irrigation works to prevent flood, protect production and life

To gain initiative in preventing natural disaster, minimizing its damage, in the first nine months of 2018, Tien Giang has invested in dredging, maintaining and upgrading of 557 irrigation works with the total length of over 502,000m, excavated soil volume of 1,642 million cubic meters, making up 58% of the year target. The above works were timely completed, put into operation to protect production and people's lives. Remarkably, floods from the upstream Mekong River are flooding in dangerously, districts and towns in the western floodplains such as Cai Lay, Cai Be, Chau Thanh, Tan Phuoc and Cai Lay townships are concentrating on completing the network of dams and dikes to protect the Summer - Autumn crop in 2018.

As noted in some localities of the Department of Irrigation and Flood Control Tien Giang province (Department of Agriculture and Rural Development), Cai Be district has invested more than VND6 billion to upgrade over 160 dikes, to dam up dikes in riverhead, to prevent flood water to infiltrate the field, creating favorable conditions for farmers to harvest rice. Cai Lay district has invested, upgraded and dredged 29 canals for flood drainage, dammed up 63 temporary dams for flood prevention, with a total budget of VND3.8 billion to protect over 8,300 ha of Summer - Autumn crop. The remaining localities urgently launch the construction of flood prevention works to mitigate the damage of natural disaster.

In the Summer - Autumn crop of 2018, the flood-prone districts and towns in the west of Tien Giang province have seeded down to nearly 41,000 ha. Local authorities are urgently implementing drastic measures to protect production, ensure safe harvesting for the entire area, in which the construction of the network of dams, dikes which helps localities prevent floods thoroughly for rice key areas is one of the prerequisites.

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