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Developing the potential of cage aquaculture farming on Tien river

Tien Giang is promoting the potential of cage aquaculture farming on Tien River, helping farmers increase their income and creating more sources of high-valued agricultural products to meet the market's demand.

The province has nearly 1,200 cages for freshwater aquaculture on Tien river, concentrated on My Tho city, Chau Thanh district and Cai Lay district. With a total volume of nearly 135,000m3, mainly the valued freshwater fish is raised, such as red tilapia, tilapia, etc.

Mr. Huynh Van Nhan, who is a resident in Thoi Son commune, My Tho city, has 11 red tilapia raising cages on Tien river. With 11 cages, after deducting expenses, his profit is about VND330 million per year. Thanks to cage fish farming, Mr. Nhan has stable income, becoming rural millionaires in My Tho city's outskirt.

According to the leader's evaluation of Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, recently, the price of commercial cage fish was VND34,000 - 36,000 per kg, the farmers are profitable, so they actively repair cages, invest fingerling and apply technical measures to raise fish effectively.

Notably, in the locality, there was 01 establishment which has invested in cage fish farming under the VietGAP process with a scale of 20 cages and an annual output of about 200 tons of fish per year. This is the province's orientation to improve the quality of commercial cage fish in the market.

Minh Trí

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