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Sence of Perposes and Uprightness of the Hero Thu Khoa Huan

Thu Khoa Huan had the real name of Nguyen Huu Huan and born in 1830 in Tinh Giang hamlet, Cho Gao district, Tien Giang province. He was nominated to be teacher of Kien An district after passing the first-degree examination (at provincial level) in 1852 held by King Tu Duc Dynasty.

He was talented with wide knowledge, after the French invaded our country, he retired and recruited troops to save to fight against the enemy to save the country. During the operation, he was repeatedly arrested by the enemy but his will was never died he was still determined to find the way to expel the enemy and uphold the shining example of "utterly loyal to one's country".

On 15/5/1875, he was arrested and sentenced by the guillotine at his hometown. Before being killed, he still sauntered and did not succumb to the enemy. His grave and the stone stele were constructed in Hoa Tinh commune, Cho Gao district with stones with the image of the elephant carved with patterns. Together with the grave, there is a temple of T shape with the area of 300 m2. In addition, at Thu Khoa Huan Park in My Tho city, Thu Khoa Huan Monument was built with the height of more than 10 m next to Tien river to remind the next generations about faithfulness and unyielding of this nation's hero. Annually, on lunar April 15th, Thu Khoa Huan's Death Anniversary is held at the temple with the participation of thousands of visitors.

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