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Strengthen domestic trade, ensure the supply of goods to serve the market during the epidemic period
01/08/2021 - Lượt xem: 46

Currently, Tien Giang province has a network of 175 markets, 04 large supermarkets, hundreds of department stores, convenience stores and many small department stores are operating, ensuring a full supply of goods and food, especially essential items to serve the people's consumption needs with stable prices in the context of the complicated Covid-19 epidemic.

The Department of Industry and Trade said that over the past time, business activities in the province has remained stable, with an abundant supply of goods to the market. On the other hand, the functional sector has strengthened price management, so market prices are well controlled, there are no major market fluctuations, speculation, hoarding, and unreasonable price. Especially, this is the time when the province implements social distancing to prevent and control the Covid-19 epidemic. In particular, the supply of essential goods and other goods in the province remains stable, meeting the consumption needs of the people in general.

In specific, food and foodstuffs are paid great attention to serve the needs of the people, stabilize the market and ensure social security. The province's advantage is having Ba Dac and An Thanh rice wholesale markets (in Cai Be district) with hundreds of rice-specializing enterprises supplying domestic and foreign markets, with a total warehouse capacity of over 45,000 tons of rice; some large potential rice trading enterprises such as Tien Giang Food Company, Viet Hung Company Limited, Phuoc Dat Company Limited, etc. always have a large storage system. Currently, the rice reserves of enterprises in the province are abundant, meeting market demand during the implementation of social distancing to prevent and control the Covid-19 epidemic.

Notably, along with ensuring the source of goods to serve the market before the complicated developments of the Covid-19 epidemic, Tien Giang province also increased domestic trade activities to achieve "dual goals", both prevention and control effectively Covid-19 epidemic, while ensuring socio-economic development. In which, focus on investment in improving rural commercial infrastructure facilities, strengthening domestic trade promotion activities; supporting organizations and businesses to purchase and consume agricultural products and goods from farmers as well as to promote products, promote trade, and bring typical products of craft villages and trades to the market.

In order to strengthen rural commercial infrastructure, recently, the province has completed and put Thanh Yen market (Go Cong Tay district) into operation with an investment budget of over VND10 billion, and invested in 06 new rural markets in key areas in the last months of 2021. In addition, the Department of Industry and Trade also cooperates with relevant sectors such as the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Provincial Business Association, etc. is expected to be associated with preventing and controlling epidemic will continue to replicate the model of Vietnamese goods selling points with the theme "Proud of Vietnamese goods", organize fairs of Vietnamese goods in the countryside, and at the same time expand the network of saling points and introduce products that have achieved OCOP at the provincial level of Tien Giang in order to promote trade for unique local products.

The fair of Vietnamese goods in the countryside held in Go Cong Dong district recently attracted 11 businesses, serving about 2,200 customers, with a turnover of over VND115 million/session. In addition, businesses participating in the fair also gave 10 gifts to poor households and policy households in the locality.

With an effort to strengthen domestic trade, ensure the circulation of goods in general and serve the market during the epidemic period in particular, in the first 6 months of 2021, the province has reached the total retail sales of goods and service - consumption revenue of over VND33,827 billion, with an increase of more than 15.5% over the same period last year and reaching 48.2% of the whole year target. In which, the commercial sector reached VND 26,900 billion, accounting for 80% of the total and increasing by 13.6% over the same period. The restaurant and hotel industry reached about VND 3,320 billion, increasing by 13.6% over the same period last year, the other service industry reached about VND 3,600 billion, with an increase of 12.7% over the same period last year. Only the tourism industry was heavily affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, so it decreased by more than 66% over the same period, etc.

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