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Cai Lay District: Promoting the spirit of productive labor
12/06/2021 - Lượt xem: 28

Developing quality products, proactively handling crops and converting crops to adapt to climate change are the implementing orientation of Cai Lay district. Many effective implementation models have linked farmers to emulate production and develop the agricultural economy in a sustainable way.

Harvesting rice according to the model of big field in My Thanh Bac commune.

*Change in production practices

Visiting Mr. Chau Ngoc Hai's model of growing cantaloupe (hamlet 2, Thanh Loc commune), in the 800m2 greenhouse area, there are healthy cantaloupe about to enter the harvest season. In 2020, Mr. Hai participated in the project "Application of drip irrigation technology combined with greenhouse in cantaloupe cultivation" by the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Cai Lay district in collaboration with the Tien Giang Center for Engineering and Biotechnology. The model is applied according to a standard process, which is strictly controlled from the selection of varieties, preparation of seeds and substrates, caring, harvesting, etc.

Mr. Chau Ngoc Hai said: "The project was implemented in 15 months. The advantage of the model is that it saves half of the farming area compared to traditional farming methods, saving fertilizers and pesticides. The drip irrigation system automatically provides the necessary amount of water for the plants according to each growth stage. On average, after deducting investment costs, farmer earns more than VND60 million per each crop.

Improving the value of agricultural products, Cai Lay district encourages the expansion of specialized cultivation areas of crops of high economic value, application of science and technology to production, and changes in farming practices of farmers. Over the past time, the Division of Agriculture and Rural Development has coordinated with functional sectors to focus on transferring science and technology, disbursing loans to farmers, investing in infrastructure, and implementing support projects for farmers to develop production, etc. The whole district currently has nearly 91 hectares of durian produced according to VietGAP standards, 90 hectares of rice produced according to GlobalGAP standards; the area participating in "big field" each year is more than 1,500 hectares. The locality has also implemented many advanced models in production such as the VnSAT project in the rice-growing areas of communes north of National Highway 1, the project "Application of drip irrigation technology combined with greenhouses in cantaloupe cultivation", "Bio-safe mud-free breeding eel", building a collective brand "Cai Lay Durian", etc. Determining a suitable economic model, boldly applying new technology, many farmers have successful with agricultural model for high economic efficiency.

*Focus on solving problems

As a locality with strengths in agricultural production, Cai Lay district currently has over 15,000 hectares of fruit orchards, with an area of ​​more than 21,000 hectares of commercial rice production per year. Creating safe agricultural products, linking production are indispensable needs for farmers to proactively grasp market demand and improve the value of agricultural products. However, over the past time, changing production practices of farmers, building and promoting brands for agricultural products, expanding the area of ​​​​specialized fruit trees, producing rice products according to VietGAP and GlobalGAP standards, etc. have still faced many difficulties. Implementing the National Target Program on New Rural Development, Cai Lay district has established 16 cooperatives and 44 cooperative groups operating in the fields of agriculture and rural water supply. However, the product quality is not uniform, the consumption market is limited, the company's product consumption is still seasonal, etc. They are the reasons why the cooperatives and cooperative groups are not cohesive with farmers to develop large-scale production.

 In 2021, Cai Lay district determines the goal of continuing to accelerate the restructuring of the agricultural sector. According to the plan, the locality will expand the area of ​​"big field" to 2,100 hectares, implement the VietGAP model on 250 hectares of durian, continue to implement preferential policies, and support cooperatives and cooperative groups. The locality determines the development of agricultural production based on the specifics of the land, area and characteristics of each region, prioritizing research and transfer of science and technology, building models high-tech, advanced agricultural model. Each commune will choose from 01 to 02 agricultural products, typical professors and plan to focus on building and promoting their brand. Implementing the national target program on building new countryside, Cai Lay district focuses on building forms of production linkages associated with the consumption market, attracting businesses to invest in the field of preliminary processing, processing, exporting agricultural products, developing sustainable and efficient agricultural production, etc.

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