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Tien Giang: The rice sector  contributes to implementing the Agricultural Sector Restructuring Project
16/08/2020 - Lượt xem: 17

Over the past five years, the agricultural sector of the province has made positive changes, notably, the rice industry has contributed to the implementation of the Provincial Agricultural Restructuring Project.

Demonstration model of "Application of rice transplanter combined with fertilizer inclusion".

Through the implementation of the Project, many inefficient rice land areas or mixed rice land in the fruit-growing area have gradually shifted to other adaptive crops, forming and developing specialized areas for growing key vegetables and fruits of the province, which are suitable for each ecological region. From 2016 up to now, 17,843 ha of rice land has been converted to other adaptive crops, in which, it is converted to specialized crops of 2,625 ha, its efficiency is 2.2 - 10.5 times higher than that of rice; 15,218 ha of fruit trees, its efficiency is with 2.0 - 16.4 times higher than that of rice; in terms of the area of ​​rotation of vegetables and crops on rice land, it maintains from 10,400 - 11,000 ha per year, its efficiency is 2.9 - 5.8 times higher than that of rice cultivation. Thereby, the area, productivity and quality of crop products are increased; economic efficiency and the competitiveness of products in domestic and international markets also are improved.

Currently, the area of ​​specialized rice cultivation is about 70,000 ha, the agricultural sector is focusing on promoting the transfer of technological advances applied to rice such as using certified varieties, high-quality varieties; production under the program "3 decrease, 3 increase", "1 must, 5 decrease"; using ecological technology to manage aphids and rice virus diseases, etc. so the average yield increases. In addition, the mechanization of the stages of soil preparation, tending, harvesting and drying has been strongly applied since 2010 (reaching 100% of the area). In recent years, the straw curler, seeding machine, spraying machine and rice transplanter have been applied quickly (seeding machine is over 70%, spraying machine is over 98%), this is a strong change in the application of mechanization in rice production, contributing to reduce costs and reduce post-harvest losses.

In particular, the rate of using primary and certified rice varieties is 85.9% (basic level is 3.9% and certified level is 81.9%). Currently, 78.9% of the area uses fragrant rice varieties, high-quality rice, meeting export standards, concentrated in districts and towns: Cai Be, Cai Lay, Cai Lay town, Go Cong Tay and Go Cong Dong. This is a positive change in the rice seed structure of the province, contributing to improving the quality of rice, meeting the requirements of the consumption domestic and foreign market of rice, etc.

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