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The projects in the concentrated breeding area on an industrial scale
03/12/2016 - Lượt xem: 42


1. Project name:

The projects in the concentrated breeding area on an industrial scale

2. Project's objectives:      

To call for investment for the secondary projects in the concentrated breeding area on an industrial scale

To gradually shift the model of small-scale and household breeding of livestock, poultry and birds to the concentration model.

To promote the breeding of livestock, poultry and birds in a concentrated area with farm and industrial scale under VietGAP standards.

To organize breeding in a concentrated area to ensure disease safety, food hygiene, environmental protection.

To improve production efficiency and value, contributing to the sustainable agriculture development.

3. Investment form:

Wholly domestic or foreign owned

4. Project scale:            

Area of land use: 200 ha

Total estimated investment capital: 100 billion dongs.

5. Grounds to build the project:     

Tien Giang is one of the provinces in the Mekong Delta which have relatively well developed livestock and poultry breeding sector, especially for pigs and poultry. However, such industry is still spontaneous, small-scale, scattered, of high cost and limited competitiveness, associated with great environmental pollution risks and potential of dangerous diseases for livestock and humans, etc. Therefore, livestock production under concentration model towards industrialization is an indispensable requirement, in which the application of new technologies from the breed production stage to the products harvest stage is emphasized to control diseases, limit environmental pollution, raise the scientific and technical content in livestock products, gain high efficiency, turn out high-quality and safe products, meet the requirements of the integration period, and at the same time gradually improve the practices of small-scale and scattered livestock breeding of the locals.

Decision No. 1956/QĐ dated August 6th, 2013 of the Chairman of the People's Committee of Tien Giang Province on approving the planning of the concentrated breeding area in the province in the 2011-2015 period with orientations toward 2020.

Currently, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development is preparing the detailed planning for the concentrated breeding area in Tan Phuoc District.

6. Project location:            

- Location: situated parallel with District Roads 40 and 48B, Thanh Hoa Commune, Tan Phuoc District

+ To the East: bordering with Canal 3

+ To the West: bordering with Canal 1 - District Road 48.

+ To the South: adjacent to Canal 30/4

+ To the North: bordering with Bac Dong Canal – Bac Dong Canal Dyke Road (Provincial Road 865B)

- Regional links: about 21 km from My Phuoc Townlet by Provincial Road 867, about 33 km from National Highway 1A.

7. Infrastructure at project location            

- Land: agricultural land, with main crops of pineapple and melaleuca. The site has not been cleared. 2/3 of the land area was previously owned by 30/4 Farm, and then granted to the Provincial Public Security Department's Office and Logistics Division. Later, the Provincial Public Security Department leased the land to the locals for pineapple crops. The remaining 1/3 of the land area is subject to the residents' use rights.

Transport infrastructure: means of transport mainly used in the region are automobiles, road payload of about 10 tons

8. Investment incentives conditions           

- Investment conditions: under the conditions stipulated in the Land Law No. 45/2013/QH13 dated November 29th, 2013.

- Investment incentives:

+ The project is situated in a region with harsh socio-economic conditions. Incentives on land rent, exemption and reduction of land use fees, exemption of land or water surface rent, financial obligations for land to be fulfilled under the current regulations of the State.

 Incentives on tax rates, exemption of enterprise income tax; export tax, import tax; value added tax to be complied with under the provisions of the current tax legislation.

+ Under the policies encouraging enterprises to invest in agriculture and rural areas, issued together with Decree No. 210/2013/NĐ-CP of the Government dated December 19th, 2013

9. Social effects of the project:

- Creating local jobs for local laborers

- Forming up concentrated breeding areas and ensuring environment protection

- Providing quality market hog and pig breeding stock

10. Agencies providing project information

Department of Agriculture and Rural Development
Add: Trung Luong Hamlet, Ward 10, My Tho city
Contact: Mr. Nguyen Thanh Can
Position: Director
Phone : 073.3855686.
Fax: 073.3856008

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