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The coastal district hits the fishing season
27/06/2021 - Lượt xem: 12

Thanks to the relatively favorable weather conditions for marine exploitation, most of the ships with large capacity, especially the means of far-sea fishing and the net fishing in Go Cong Dong district are in good season, the output increased quite a bit, the fisherman is excited. From the beginning of the year until now, Go Cong Dong district has exploited over 30,000 tons of seafood of all kinds to meet the domestic market and process for export, with an increase of more than 1,150 tons compared to the same period last year and reaching more than 50% of the whole year target. In 2021, the district aims to exploit over 60,000 tons of seafood of all kinds.

As a district with a coastline of over 20km, which is the longest coastline in Tien Giang province, the Tieu estuary on the Tien River in the south and Soai Rap estuary on the Soai Rap river in the north, Go Cong Dong district has a traditional fishing profession with a large fishing fleet, attracting laborers and creating jobs, ensuring social security in difficult areas. In order to exploit the potential and advantages of the coastal district, the district has focused on industry planning, encouraging fishermen to switch from traditional fishing near the shore to reaching out to sea, organizing the rational exploitation of marine resources, which help affirm sovereignty over the sea and islands.

At the same time, to help the marine industry to bring high economic efficiency and contribute positively to the socio-economic development of the locality, the district is interested in supporting fishermen to invest in building and upgrading vehicles and modern equipment for fishing, in order to increase productivity, output, link in marine exploitation through cooperation among means to form offshore fishing groups and teams, etc. Implement the policy above, from 2015 up to now, in the district, there are 24 vehicles engaged in fishing and providing services for marine products in remote seas receiving total support of over VND108 billion according to Decision No. 48/2010/QD-TTg dated 13 July 2010 of the Prime Minister.

Currently, the whole district has 921 means of catching aquatic products with a total capacity of 357,240 CV, of which 702 offshore fishing boats, with a total capacity of 343,576 CV, the rest are small capacity boats, fishing near sea, etc. In the future, the locality is encouraged to switch from nearshore fishing to offshore fishing in an effort to develop marine fishing strengths in a sustainable and effective way, protecting local aquatic resources.

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