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Tien Giang is not only attractive for the water and garden ecological tourism routes, destinations but also attractive for such famous cultural and historical relics such as Royal Tomb, Governor Hai's House, Go Thanh Archaeological Relic, Ap Bac Victory Relic, Rach Gam- Xoai Mut Victory, etc. Tien Giang with good climate conditions for fruits all year round is known as the "Kingdom of Fruits" with many fruit gardens. Visiting this place, the tourists will have the opportunity to live in the peaceful atmosphere with the local people and experience the normal daily activities such as traveling on a boat to visit the floating market, learning how to make shrimp sauce, visiting traditional trade villages such as green rice flake village, sleeping mat making village, altar production village, etc.

Tien Giang is more dreamlike with Tan Thanh beach and more romantic with Tan Phong Island, etc. and the land is also known as the cradle of "Don Ca Tai Tu". This is hometown of the late composer Tran Huu Trang with the famous reformed works such as To Anh Nguyet, Doi Co Luu (the life of Miss Luu), etc. The tourists can enjoy reformed performances at Thoi Son Island - the place known as "the blue pearl" among the dreamlike Tien River.

Visiting Tien Giang, do not forget to visit the big city of My Tho - the city early establish in the South. At the XVII Century, My Tho was one of three biggest commercial centers in the South at that time besides Cu Lao Pho (Bien Hoa) and Ha Tien. On this land, there are also many unique cultural festivals and architectural and historical relics constructed from long time ago such as Cai Be Ancient House, communal houses, pagodas, temples, etc. All these places have become attractive destinations to the tourists everywhere.

Tien Giang is also attractive to the tourists for many specialties in which the most special ones are fruits such as acerola, mango, star apple, dragon fruit, durian, grapefruit, pineapple, etc. Tien Giang cuisine is famous with Giong Market Beansprout Cake (Gia cake Giong market), Tan Thoi Island Fish Sauce, Fried Giant Gourami, Grilled Snakehead fish, etc. The tourists should also try the taste of Hu Tieu My Tho (My Tho Noodles with seasoned and sauté beef) to feel the special taste of the dish.

There are still many attractive things in the land waiting for the tourists to discover. Therefore, it is impossible to mention all charming features of this land with long history and culture. Please visit Tien Giang to visit and discover.

Source: Investment - Trade - Tourism Promotion Center

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