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Nổi Island has the potential to develop aquaculture and exploit eco-tourism
11/06/2020 - Lượt xem: 75

Nổi Island  is located on Cua Trung River, located between Tan Thanh islet and Tan Phu commune (Tan Phu Dong district). In the early 70s of the last century, Nổi Island  were just a small sand dune emerging in the middle of the river, after alluvial sedimentation, so far Nổi Island  has a natural area of ​​about 7 hectares and soil environment. It is very suitable for agricultural and fishery production, especially aquaculture, in association with the development of eco-tourism because it is surrounded by cork, coconut palms, etc., which attracted birds, storks, herons, etc. to enter the shelter when night falls.

Farmer raises shrimps on Nổi Island, Tan Thanh hamlet, Tan Phu commune.

About administrative boundaries, the Nổi Island  is located in Tan Thanh hamlet, Tan Phu commune. According to the locals, after the first years of liberation, the Nổi Island  was a marshland where people came to catch fishes, then transplant the rice of the season and grow coconut. By 2002, the shrimp farming model began to appear here. From a water surface area of ​​only a few thousand square meters, it has now been raised to 5 hectares.

Due to the adjacent shrimp farm, so looking over the sky, the Nổi Island  looks like a deep valley surrounded by scrub, green water coconut all year round. Located along the four sides of the river, The island always has a fresh, quiet environment, favorable water sources, so it is very suitable for aquaculture, especially shrimp farming associated with the exploitation of eco-tourism potential.

According to Mr. Nguyen Hoang Minh, Secretary of the Tan Phu Commune Party Committee, Nổi Island  is the most favorable shrimp farming area in the commune today. Every year, farmers raise 2 crops for black tiger shrimp and 3 crops for whiteleg shrimp. The average harvest output is from 7 to 8 tons/ha. According to farming households, in recent years, shrimp prices have been relatively stable, after deducting expenses, farmers earned a profit of VND 50 - 70 million/ha/crop. With topography like Nổi Island, the disease management in shrimp ponds is very tight, so the efficiency is also higher. Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tuan, Deputy Head of Tan Thanh Hamlet, said that the production situation of people on Nổi Island  was always stable and effective. People strictly abode by local regulations, contributing to creating jobs for people in the hamlet.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Ngoan, living in Tan Thanh hamlet, Tan Phu commune, one of the first people who came to raise shrimps at Nổi Island shared, the environment in Nổi Island was very good, the water source of the farming area was favorable, it was easy to manage the disease, so the economic efficiency was high. For many years, his family has been quite successful in shrimp farming, earning an average of several hundred million dong or more each year. However, he said that if all industries interested in pulling electricity here, then reducing the cost of gasoline, the profit of shrimp farmers would certainly be raised.

Regarding the exploitation and development of eco-tourism in Nổi Island, the leaders of Tan Phu commune also realized, but the implementation faces many difficulties in terms of investment capital, infrastructure has not been built, especially on Nổi Island   there are no electricity, water. Therefore, if all levels and sectors are interested in helping to develop the type of eco-tourism, the economic potential of Nổi Island  will be fully exploited. To do so, besides investing in electricity, it is necessary to invest in building transport infrastructure to contribute to the development of agricultural and fishery production on Nổi Island.

It is known that the distance between Nổi Island  and the islet of Tan Thanh commune and Tan Phu commune is similar, each side is only a few dozen meters across the Cua Trung river. If applied the type of suspension bridge is also very feasible. Officials and people of Tan Phu Commune always wish to have such a bridge to cross Nổi Island, creating momentum for economic development associated with exploiting the potential of eco-tourism in the face of the impacts of current climate change.

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