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Highlight key projects during the tenure, creating momentum for the next period
31/07/2020 - Lượt xem: 11

The Resolution No. 25-NQ/DH was approved by the 10th Party Congress of Tien Giang Provincial Party Committee for the term of 2015 - 2020, issued on October 21st, 2015 with 05 breakthrough stages, including objectives focus on mobilizing resources to build synchronous and modern infrastructure systems in both urban and rural areas. Implementing the above policy, up to now, many big projects have been implemented, contributing to creating a new aspect for all three economic - urban and rural areas in the province.

According to the forecast data of the Department of Planning and Investment, from the 4-year results and estimated results in 2020, the total capital mobilized for social investment in 5 years from 2016 - 2020 of the province will likely approach the figure of VND170 trillion, of which in 2019 - 2020, to complete the Trung Luong - My Thuan highway with a total capital of over VND11 trillion. In fact, from 2016 up to the present, the province's public investment has increased significantly over the years (especially in 2020 - the last year of the tenure, the province has mobilized the total source for the plan of public investment which is much higher than previous years, namely over VND 5,700 billion, 1.6 times higher than public investment capital in 2019, up to June 30th, disbursement proportion reaches 55% of the plan), contributing to creating a premise for development in the next period.

First of all, talk about Trung Luong - My Thuan highway project. This project was first started in 2009, after 10 years of implementation, due to the difficulties of the capacity of investors and capital mobilization, policies and regulations related to public asset management, the policy on PPP investment adjusted, so it reached only 15.8% of the workload in 2019. In March 2019, the Prime Minister transformed the competent State agency to approve a study report on feasibility project from the Ministry of Transport to People's Committee of Tien Giang province, and from here, all branches and levels of Tien Giang province joined in the spirit of very urgency, especially the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Committee (Chairman and 03 Vice Presidents) participated in the direct management according to the functions of the competent State agencies, keep regular contact with the ministries and central branches in order to promptly discuss and solve unclear issues, problems in the process of project implementation at the same time. As a result, only after 08 months, in early November 2019, Tien Giang handed over the whole "clean ground" to the project enterprises to continue construction, and accompanied by removing the big bottleneck on investment capital, including clearing capital from commercial banks to provide credit to the project... Thanks to the drastic and timely measures mentioned above, up to July 20th, after more than 01 year of receiving the tasks assigned by the Government, the project has achieved a construction volume of VND3,664.8 billion, compared to the milestone of 60% at the end of 2020, nearly 4 times the volume of the 10 previous years, and it is important to complete the task assigned by the Prime Minister to open technical vehicles by the end of 2020 to officially put into use on April 30th, 2021 as the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee committed with the Prime Minister at a recent online conference of the Government on public investment.

In addition to the national key work mentioned above, the period from 2016 to the present, based on the resolution of the Provincial Party Committee on economic - urban development in three regions of the province, Tien Giang has devoted maximum resources to focus on invest in development, continue the growth momentum and create a solid foundation and for the period after 2020 with a series of key projects in the area, up to now, have been effective, contributing to economic and social development, meeting and ensuring social security for the people, such as the Central Square project was enthusiastically welcomed by people inside and outside the province, becoming a favorite destination, especially on the occasion of holidays, New Year, attracting people of all ages and all economic sectors, contributing to the development of cultural and spiritual life for the people, creating a new aspect for My Tho city and Tien Giang province; the project of Public Administration Service Center combined with offices of departments and branches of the province has contributed to making the province's administration more and more convenient, more efficient, people and businesses are more satisfied in the implementation of administrative procedures; Provincial Road 864 project and bridges on the route connecting traffic from My Tho city to Cai Be district, serving traffic and freight of My Tho Industrial Park, Trung An Industrial Cluster and Song Thuan Industrial Line, concurrently  transporting goods and agricultural products to rural area along the route; Provincial Road 871B project for the development of the eastern industrial area; Provincial Road 867 project as a "backbone" for development of Tan Phuoc district; the projects of extended Hung Vuong street, Le Van Pham and Doan Thi Nghiep streets have created a new face for My Tho urban area, etc. Besides, Provincial General Hospital (with a scale of 1,000 beds) expected to be completed by the end of 2021 will improve the quality of health care for the people. In addition, projects to celebrate the Provincial Party Congress such as Vam Tra Lot Bridge, Binh Xuan Bridge, Ngu Hiep Bridge completed in 2020 will connect the transportation system throughout the province, creating the infrastructure to develop the real estate market, develop the regional population in the near future, etc.

In addition to the above public investment resources, Tien Giang has also succeeded in calling for "socialization" investment. The province has completed and put into operation City Trade Center - Service My Tho (Big C). The Residential Area Project along Tien River (phase I) has contributed to creating a new feature for the face of the central urban area of ​​the province, a number of large-scale projects with hundreds of billion VND have been implemented from last year (2019), which is expected to be completed this year, can be mentioned as in the commercial sector, there are projects of Trade Center, Service and Commercial Housing (an investment capital of VND500 billion), Yacht port (an investment capital of VND665 billion), Central Plaza My Tho (an investment capital of VND600 billion), etc.; in the industrial sector, there is a project of fruit processing factory of Thabico Tien Giang Food Industry Joint Stock Company invested in Cho Gao district (an investment capital of VND450 billion); the project of Bestway Vietnam Sports and Entertainment Company Limited in Long Giang Industrial Park (an investment capital of VND581 billion), etc.; in tourism sector, the province is focusing on supporting investors to implement projects with a scale of hundreds of billion VND, mainly in the eastern region of the province, such as Go Cong eco-tourism area, Lang Yen tourist area, Oc Dao Ecotourism - Resort, all 03 projects are expected to be basically completed by the end of this year to put into operation in 2021 ...

Looking at some of the above key projects, it can be seen that although this year faces severe drought, saltiness and Covid-19 epidemic, Tien Giang province still mobilizes and implements, manages investment resources inside and outside the local budget well, including "highlight" projects will contribute to strong spillovers after being completed and put into use in this year, which is one of the important premises for the province to have a new foundation and position, continueing to develop faster and more sustainably in the coming period

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