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Enterprises in industrial zones and clusters step up production and export of products
13/07/2021 - Lượt xem: 59

Currently, Tien Giang province has attracted 186 investment projects in industrial zones and clusters in the area, including 84 FDI projects, total investment capital of over $2.68 billion and over VND6,881 billion, creating jobs for over 105,000 workers.

Implementing the "dual goal" of both drastic prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic, while socio-economic recovery and development, in the first 6 months of 2021, businesses have made many efforts to overcome difficulties, achieving good growth in the field of production - trading and export of goods. Accordingly, the industrial production value in the first half of 2021 reached over VND32,864 billion, with an increase of more than 1.13% over the same period last year; revenue of FDI enterprises reached over $1,372.40 million, with an increase of nearly 3% over the same period last year, while revenue of domestic invested enterprises also reached VND5,675 billion.

Notably, enterprises in industrial zones and clusters achieved an export turnover of $1,431.31 million, reaching 53.01% of the whole year target and increasing 13.67% over the same period last year. This is a rather high increase in the recent outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic in many provinces and cities across the country, including Tien Giang province.

The leader of the Management Board of Industrial Zones of Tien Giang province said that implementing the "double goal" of the Government, businesses investing in industrial zones and clusters in the province have made efforts to maintain stable operations of production and business, at the same time tighten measures to prevent and control epidemics among workers in the unit. Many enterprises in the field of garment, leather shoes, bags, etc. promptly remove obstacles, have more orders, promote production and business activities, and ensure jobs, social security for workers.

In addition, most enterprises, especially FDI enterprises, have implemented flexible and appropriate production and business measures in accordance with the actual situation, focusing on adding more capital for investment and business, adjusting and expanding production, innovating business methods and dominating export markets. Accordingly, from the beginning of the year until now, there have been 10 projects adjusted to increase investment capital with a total investment capital of $173.1 billion, with an increase of more than 27.95% over the same period last year and the land leased area for investment has been increased by 21.02 ha.

Along with promoting production - trading and exporting products, enterprises in industrial zones and clusters strictly comply with regulations on production to ensure safety on disease prevention and control under the direction of the Prime Minister. 100% of workers are propagated and raised awareness of self-protection for their own health, and seriously implemented the 5K request, etc. Enterprises equipped with hand sanitizer, body temperature measurement, and medical masks for all employees working at the unit. Many enterprises also rearranged production lines reasonably, ensuring a safe distance for workers; coordinate the shuttle buses to apply synchronously epidemic prevention and control measures for workers on the shuttle, etc.

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