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Cho Gao diversifies structure of livestock industry
05/05/2021 - Lượt xem: 23

Located in the east of the province, Cho Gao district is promoting the strength of the livestock industry to help create jobs and income for workers, create conditions for farmers to overcome difficulties, escape poverty and build sustainable livelihoods. Thereby, it contributes to the success of the New Rural Construction Program in the locality. In addition to cattle and poultry, which are traditional domestic animals, Cho Gao district also adds many new animals to breeding such as goats, cows, quails, etc., contributing to creating a diversified and effective livestock structure.

According to the report of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Cho Gao district, the locality has a total flock of poultry up to 7.5 million head of poultry, 25% higher than the whole year plan, with over 51,000 pigs, 2% higher than the year plan, nearly 53,000 cows, nearly 10% higher than the whole year target of 2021.

In order to develop sustainable husbandry, Cho Gao district pays attention to transferring animal science and technology, propagating farming households to develop livestock in the direction of farming in association with pollution prevention, protection of health and environment. On the other hand, periodic vaccination with adequate doses is aimed at protecting cattle and poultry well, preventing and combating epidemics, especially dangerous diseases, capable of spreading rapidly on livestock herds. Slaughter control is also focused to control pathogens, ensure the supply of clean livestock products to the market, protect the health of consumers, etc.

Since the beginning of the year, the district has carried out nearly 12,600 doses of H5N1, 11,800 doses of prevention foot and mouth disease, nearly 22,000 doses of cholera, over 16,800 doses of pasteurellosis and nearly 51,000 doses of cholera on chickens and ducks, etc. Local authorities also controlled the slaughter of nearly 2,400 cows, over 17,000 pigs, over 190,000 poultry and nearly 75,000 quails.

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