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An Huu Residential Area - Market
21/05/2020 - Lượt xem: 41


1. Project name:

An Huu Residential Area - Market

2. Project's objectives:      

To orient the investment, construction, and establishment of a residential area with the new An Huu market as its center, motivating the general development of An Huu for it to become a townlet (grade-5 urban area) in the near future.

3. Investment form:

Wholly domestic or foreign owned

4. Project scale:            

Area of land use: 10 ha,

Total estimated investment capital: 100 billion dongs


- Organization of transport systems: design of 2 outbound traffic axes

- Arrangement of functional zones:

+ Market zone;

+ Parking lot;

+ Park-trees;

+ Technical focal point zone;

+ Types of houses to be laid out in the remaining land area: townhouses, garden houses

5. Grounds to build the project:     

- The overall planning for socio-economic development of Cai Be District till 2020

- General urban planning for An Huu Urban Area, Cai Be District till 2025 (Planning tasks have already been approved in accordance with Decision No. 1834/QD- UBND dated August 9th, 2012 of the Provincial People's Committee)

6. Project location:            

- Location: situated adjacent to National Highway 1, the major part is in An Huu Commune, a small part in the north is in An Thai Trung Commune, Cai Be District

+ To the East: bordering with resident's land;

+ To the West: bordering with National Highway 1, resident's land;

+ To the South: bordering with the fruit barns An Huu market town area (at the end of the market)

+ To the North: bordering with resident's garden

- Regional links: about 4.5 km from My Thuan Bridge; about 60 km My Tho City.

7. Infrastructure at project location            

- Land:

+ Residential land: 3,383 m2;

+ Farmland: 81,276 m2;

+ Waterway land: 8,278 m2 ;

+ State-managed land: 6986 m2. The rest is residential land

- Transport infrastructure: situated parallel with National Highway 1, very convenient for road transport.

8. Investment incentives conditions           

- Investment conditions: under the conditions stipulated in the Law on Real Estate Business No. 66/2014/QH13 dated November 25th, 2014 and the Land Law No. 45/2013/QH13 dated November 29th, 2013.

9. Social effects of the project:

Forming a urban residential area, ensuring environmental landscape, providing urban life convenience for the residents

10. Agencies providing project information

People's committee of Cai Be district
Address: Vo Chi Cong street, Quarter I, Cai Be town
Contact: Mr Nguyen Van Nha
Position: Vice chairman
Phone: 0913879118

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