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5-year road to build a new countryside
08/08/2020 - Lượt xem: 12

Over the past five years, with many good and creative ways, Tien Giang has synchronously implemented many centralized and key solutions which are suitable to the actual conditions of each locality to build a new countryside. As a result, the movement has attracted the participation of many classes of people in joining forces to build a new countryside, contributing to the renewal of the rural appearance, the material and spiritual life of people are constantly improved, creating a driving force for the province to develop comprehensively.

Model of growing dragon fruit on the trellis in My Tinh An commune, Cho Gao district.

In 2015, the province had 12 communes recognized as communes meeting new rural standards. As planned, by the end of 2020, the whole province will have 119 communes meeting new rural standards, of which 8 communes have met new rural standards; Go Cong Dong and Cho Gao districts reached the standard of new rural district; My Tho city, Go Cong town and Cai Lay town completed the task of building a new countryside. Up to now, the province has 101 communes recognized to meet the national standards of new rural areas and on June 17th, 2020, My Tho city held a ceremony to announce My Tho city to complete the task of new rural construction.

With this result, up to now, Tien Giang province has completed the resolution targets set by the Provincial Party Committee and People's Council by 2020 (with 50% of communes meeting the standards) and exceeding the targets assigned by the Central Government at the Decision No.1865/QD-TTg dated November 23rd, 2017 of the Prime Minister on the assignment of plans for the implementation of national target programs for the period of 2016 - 2020 (according to the target assigned to 2020, Tien Giang province must achieve 70 communes).

The average number of criteria of the whole province by the end of 2020 is estimated at 17.5 criteria, an increase of 5.8 criteria compared to 2015. The results of the implementation of the criteria by groups are as follows: Group 1 (reaching 19/19 criteria): 119/143 communes, accounting for 83.21%; Group 2 (reaching from 15 to 18 criteria): 5/143 communes, accounting for 3.49%; Group 3 (reaching from 10 to 14 criteria): 19/143 communes, accounting for 13.3%, no communes meeting less than 10 criteria.

From the results achieved in recent years, new countryside has become a reality, the rural infrastructure system has developed markedly, the material and spiritual life of the people has been improved. As these benefits, the National Target Program on new rural construction has gradually changed the perception of the majority of people, people has gradually changed to actively and actively participate in donating land, crops, architectural objects, contributing money, working days to upgrade the construction of rural traffic works, other public works in the area. At the same time, with the role of Party organizations, authorities and mass organizations in many places promoted, rural democracy continued to be enhanced; in new rural communes, people's confidence in State policies on agriculture, farmers and rural areas as well as the leadership of the Party and government has been enhanced.

Promoting the achieved results, the province has set a target in the next 5 years that there will be 100% of communes meeting the new rural standards; 8/8 districts reach the standard of new rural district and 3/3 urban areas (cities, towns) complete the task of building a new countryside; the whole province has from 20% - 30% of new rural communes and 10% new model rural communes.

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