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"Earth clock" - A creative idea with high applicability
27/11/2019 - Lượt xem: 57

"Earth clock" is Pham Ngoc Dong Nghi's creative idea, a student at Thu Khoa Huan primary school, My Tho city. This solution was awarded the Third Prize of the 12th Tien Giang Province's Innovation Competition for juvenile and children (2018 - 2019).

"Earth Clock", the solution created by Pham Ngoc Dong Nghi.

With the desire to create visual products to help the studying and practicing at Geography better, Pham Ngoc Dong Nghi came up with the idea of ​​creating "Earth Clock". Together with the supports of parents, teachers, and relatives, after nearly a hard working month, Pham Ngoc Dong Nghi has perfected her solution with many convenient features such as: identify quickly and accurately the time respectively with countries, territories, capitals, determine whether those have the same time zone or not as well as identify the difference between day and night among countries and territories located in two different halves of the globe... This is her integrated knowledge from Geography combined with information on books, the Internet and the Earth sciences programs on television…

"Earth clock" to be created by Pham Ngoc Dong Nghi includes: the administrative globe with 360 meridians corresponding to 360 degree is doubled along the equator fitted with electric wires and LED light bulbs inside (the LEDs are located in the central position of the country and the territory); outside of this globe is the position of 24 circuits (macro 1)  representing 24 time zones (these are also the electrical circuit to connect to the LEDs); the bottom of the globe is designed as a macro 2 to be made by brass which is powered by 6 small batteries (type of 2 volts), in which, the anode is connected to the directional needle, the cathode is connected to the earth's crust; the needle is made of brass wire (the needle tip is attached with very beautiful paper cranes), those bases are welded to the 2nd circuit. In addition, there are a thermometer, an alarms clock, compass, solar light, learning tools... to serve the operation and operation of the mentioned solution on the base of the globe.

In case of wanting to know the countries having the same time zone, we just press the needle pointing to the macro 1, the LEDs system installed in the center of those countries will immediately light up. Similarly, when pressing the needle tip pointing towards macro 1, the viewer can compare the time difference of one country with other countries and territories on earth. For example: Viet Nam is 7 A.M (Hanoi time), the countries having the same time zone with Vietnam by this guidance are Mongolia (Ulan Bator), China (Beijing), Malaysia (Java)… Due to the difference with Vietnam time zones is 11, the corresponding time of the United States (Washington) at that time is 18 (6 P.M); and when we press the direction needle in the 18th time zone, countries that share the same time zone with the United States like Cuba (Lahabana), Colombia (Pogota), Peru (Lima)… will be recognized through a bright signal from the LEDs.

Pham Ngoc Dong Nghi (2nd people from your left side) was awarded in the 12th
Tien Giang Province's Innovation Competition for juvenile and children (2018 - 2019)

Moreover, "Earth clock" also helps to determine the time of day and night among countries. When we turn the base of "Earth clock" so that the top of the globe rotates to the North corresponding the compass points to the North and use a solar light to illuminate from the east of the globe (toward the sunrise), countries that are illuminated by the sun are in the day zone and those that are located in an obscure area (the area not not illuminated) are in the night region of the globe.

Mr. Lam Hong Dung, a man who is knowledgeable about Geography, said that the "Earth Clock" created by Pham Ngoc Dong Nghi was elaborately invested, integrating the knowledge of Geography and many other subjects. This solution helps students have more tools to practice, learn, compare the similarities as well as the differences in time, space, geographic location, etc. of over 100 common countries in the world.

Master Nguyen Ngoc Anh, Vice Chairman of the Provincial Union of Science and Technology Associations, Deputy Head of the Organization Board of the Provincial Innovation Competition for juvenile and children commented: "Pham Ngoc Dong Nghi 's creative solution not only ensures the newness and the creativity but also encloses a high applicable capacity. This solution can be added to the list of teaching and learning equipment in schools to serve the teaching and practice of Geography and other related subjects".

Hong Yen

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