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List of projects calling for investment in 2015-2016 of Tien Giang province List of projects calling for investment in 2015-2016 of Tien Giang province

Tan Hoa Townlet Residential Complex


1. Project name:

Tan Hoa Townlet Residential Complex

2. Project's objectives:      

To form a commercial residential complex to serve the housing needs of the residents in the region

3. Investment form:

Wholly domestic or foreign owned

4. Project scale:            

Area of land use: 02 ha,

Total estimated investment capital: 14 billion dongs


Urban residential area with complete public infrastructure, including townhouses, apartments, garden villas, parks, kindergartens

80-100 housing lots will be built

5. Grounds to build the project:     

The approved detailed construction planning for the center area of Tan Hoa Townlet, Go Cong Dong District.

6. Project location:            

- Location: at the old stadium of Xom Go Quarter, Tan Hoa Townlet - Go Cong Dong District. Land borders around households.

- Regional links: 7 km from Go Cong Town; 42 km from My Tho City

7. Infrastructure at project location            

- Land: non-agricultural land managed by the State, ground has been cleared.

- Transport infrastructure: state of roads leading to the project: connected to main road system via Provincial Road 862. Traffic in the area is mainly on asphalted road; internal traffic: asphalted, concrete cement roads.

8. Investment incentives conditions           

- Investment conditions: under the conditions stipulated in the Law on Real Estate Business No. 66/2014/QH13 dated November 25th, 2014 and the Land Law No. 45/2013/QH13 dated November 29th, 2013.

- Investment incentives:

+ The project is situated in a region with harsh socio-economic conditions. Incentives on land rent, exemption and reduction of land use fees, exemption of land or water surface rent, financial obligations for land to be fulfilled under the current regulations of the State.

+ Incentives on tax rates, exemption of enterprise income tax; export tax, import tax; value added tax to be complied with under the provisions of the current tax legislation.

9. Social effects of the project:

Forming an urban residential area, ensuring environmental landscape, providing urban life convenience for the residents

10. Agencies providing project information

People's Committee of Go Cong Dong district
Add: 02, Nguyen Van Con St, Tan Hoa town, Go Cong Dong district
Contact person:Mr. Nguyen Chi Trung
Position: Chairman
Tel: 073 3943978

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