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List of projects calling for investment in 2015-2016 of Tien Giang province List of projects calling for investment in 2015-2016 of Tien Giang province

Head offices for the departments and agencies of Tien Giang Province


1. Project name:

Head offices for the departments and agencies of Tien Giang Province

2. Project objectives:

To build new head offices for the provincial departments and agencies in order to replace the former head offices which are scattered, degraded and not large enough for working to implement the model of modernized workplace towards concerntration with fully technical infrastructure, synchronized and modern equipments. Besides, the project shall become an important highlight in the overall architecture of the region in particular – and the city of My Tho in general – for development in the future.

3. Investment form:

100% owned by domestic or foreign investors

4. Project scale:        






- Area of land use: The total area of land use is 4.9 ha

- Total investment expected:  729.677 billion dongs


- Construction scale: including ground floor + 15 floors + terrace + roof with the total height of 83 m, the construction area of 3,723 m2, the total floor area of 38 623 m2, the floors are arranged as follows:

+ The sole shall have six floors (ground floor + five floors): The ground floor shall have garage and technical room, the first floor shall have a lounge to welcome people and manage the building; from the second floor to the fifth floor shall have a work area, foyer, gallery, and cafeteria.

+ Two towers from the sixth floor to the sixteenth floor shall arrange work areas, meeting rooms and storage on each floor to the departments.

- Structure: Foundation, frame, bracket and pillars made of monolithic reinforced concrete; pile made of prestressed centrifugal concrete, prestressed floor beam and roof deck; floor and wall tiled with quartz brick; 200-brick border wall, stairs, enclosing and covering wall are tiled with 200-brick, the others are tiled with 100-brick, tiled interior walls; door system includes automatic and semiautomatic toughened glass door equivalent to Eurowindow standard, door frames made of aluminum and glass with pneumatic door closer for office, Lambris door frame made of aluminum for restroom and technical room, window and partition frames made of aluminum and glass, exterior bulkhead with toughened glass and sunscreen aluminum panel; plaster ceiling with waterproof metal frame; steps, stairs, lounge paved with granite; elevators for staff and visitors, stairways and exits; handrails of stairways with toughened glass, handrails frame with wood and stainless steel; the entire pillars, walls, beams and floors of the building are spread with mastic and painted, steel structures are powder coated. Water supply and sewerage, fire protection, , automatic fire alarm and firefighting, lighting, lightning protection, ventilation and air conditioning, communications, the Internet and building monitoring systems.

b) Cafeteria:  With a total area of  l,328 m2, including a mezzanine and ground floor; foundation, column, beam, floor and roof made of reinforced concrete; 200-brick border wall, tiled floor and wall, stairs, enclosing and covering wall are tiled with 200-mm brick, the others are tiled with 100-mm brick, wall inside dining room, kitchen and toilet are tiled as well; toughened glass doors, door frames made of aluminum and glass with pneumatic door closer, window frames made of aluminum with sliding and flipping glass, plaster ceiling with metal frame; the entire building is spread with mastic and painted, water supply and sewerage system, fire protection, lighting, cooling and lightning protection.

c) Sub-items and infrastructure:

- Secondary house with a total area of 135 m2.

- Staff parking lot: With a total area of 456 m2, pillar frames, steel trusses, metal sheet roof covering.

- Fence gate + guard house:

+ Fence gate with a total length of 928m, tiled wall with decorative mounting brackets above, main entrance door with automatic folding door, side door with steel frame box.

+ Guard house (3 houses): With a total area of 64 m2, foundations, columns, beams, floors and roofs made of reinforced concrete, tiled interior and exterior walls, window frames made of aluminum and glass, tiled floor, lighting and water supply and sewerage system.

- Road + parking lot: Road with a total area of 8,318 m2, road surface is hot asphalt on rubble base; square with a total area of 2,453 m2, tiled on concrete base; parking lot with a total area of 4,924 m2, base is hot asphalt on gravel with rubble; sidewalk and terrace with a total area of 7,536 m2, tiled on concrete base, curbing with concrete.

- Pavement + sports field + drainage system:

+ Pavement with a total area of 21,931 m2, including trees and tiled sidewalks.

+ Sports field: Including 3 badminton courts and 2 tennis courts with a total area of 1,730 m2, concrete surface covered with a special coating, fence with B40 wire mesh, roof and lighting system.

+ Water surface with a total area of 576 m2, including 2 water reservoirs with an area of 445 m2, 2 miniatures lakes with a total area of 131 m2.

- Overall drainage system and fire protection:

+ Overall water supply system: Water supply comes from water supply system of the region, including water pipelines, water reservoirs and fire protection, water pressure tank, booster pump, machine fire pumps for water supplying, firefighting and irrigation.

+ Drainage system: Rainwater shall be collected and led to the rainwater drainage system outside the house; waste water shall be discharged into septic tanks, and then led into the sewage tank; Kitchen waste shall be collected in grease trap for pretreatment. The entire treated waste water and rainwater shall be discharged into the drainage system on Street No. 6 and Hung Vuong Street.

+ Fire protection system: including system of fire walls blocks with underground galvanized steel pipes, fire alarm system, automatic fire extinguishing systems and portable fire extinguishing systems.

- Electrical system for the entire area: the main power source for the project shall come from the region's medium-voltage network following the underground cable to two power transformers of 1,600 KVA of the project, using two redundant power backup generator capacity of 1,600 KVA. Lighting system with conical cylindrical zinc and 150W lamps, decorative lighting head lamps and chandeliers decorated with four compact fluorescent light bulbs.

- Ground clearance: With a total area of 35,000 m2, the average height of + 0.9 m and the volume of sand after the compaction of 38,430 m3.

5. Basis for project implementation:       

Decision No. 3623/QD-UBND dated December 31st, 2014 of the People's Committee of Tien Giang Province on approving the project of construction of new office buildings for the provincial departments and agencies.

6. Project location:   

   - Location:  At Dao Thanh Commune - My Tho City, the land boundaries are defined as follows:

- East: bordering Hung Vuong Street prolonged;

- West: bordering existing residential lands;

- South: bordering the State Audit of the 9th area and the road expected to expand;

- North: bordering National Highway No. 50.

7. Infrastructure at project location:

- Land: State land is about 1.4 ha, clearance and compensation of residential land, agricultural land, houses and other structures, farmland for crops and fruit trees, with a total area of about 3.5 ha, resettlement area in the Investment in infrastructure of the resettlement area in Dao Thanh project which is being implemented under the Investment Decision No. 2585/QD-UBND dated October 30th, 2013 of the President of the Provincial People's Committee.

8. Conditions or incentives for investment:

- Conditions for investment: under the conditions stipulated in the Land Law No. 45/2013/QH13 dated November 29th 2013.

9. Social effectiveness of the project:  

Creating effective working conditions and favorable trading conditions for state agencies and meet the needs of handling affairs of people.

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