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Phuoc Son Pagoda - A revolutionary mark on the history
Phuoc Son Pagoda is located in Hamlet 5, My Thanh Nam Commune, Cai Lay District, Tien Giang Province. The pagoda was built in the late nineteenth century by Mr. To Van Hieu with the Buddhist monk is Venerable Master Qui Tam Trung Thuong Khanh Ha Hoa. Influenced by war and natural disasters, the temple has been destroyed many times, but after each falling, it was rebuilt by the local people. Up to now, the pagoda is located on a high mound with a beautiful landscape, including: Three-arched-entrances Gate having 2 Dharmapala statues on its left and right side; The Buddhist Great Hall having the statue of Guan Yin on the left side, the statue of Amitabha and the statue of Guan Yin in the middle and on the right side is the Ksitigarbha statue while inside the space of the Great Hall has many Statue of Buddha; in the rear of the Great Hall, there are 3 Buddhist altars in the front, in its middle is the Patriarch, on the left is the Uncle Ho’s altar, on the right is the 3 resting rooms; behind the back of the Great Hall has a kitchen and a canteen.

Tien Giang province tops Vietnam ICT Index for 4 consecutive years

Improve the quality of education at all levels comprehensively

Two faces won the Third Prize of the National Reading Culture Ambassador

Tien Giang - Long An: Cooperation in economic and social development in the period of 2019 - 2020 and orientation to 2025

Tien Giang province has paid great attention to the Party building work

After the Investment Promotion Conference 2018: More than one third of projects which have investment capital of thousands of billion VND are implemented

Trade promotion - The shortest way to integrate Tien Giang fruit

Promotion of the potential for cultivation of staple fruit

Promoting the potential of aquaculture at the Tien estuary

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